Friday, January 21, 2011

VOV Nail polish remover Review & Other Nail Stuff

Where can you get this?
It is a Korean brand so you can buy it in Asian countries and eBay.

Not like normal nail polish remover! Definately in the nice-smelling category!

Is it effective?
Removes nail polish remover like any other normal one.

Other features
Child lock cap.

Would I repurchase?
Yes, if I can access it!

Overall rating
4.5/5 (.5 taken away for accessibility! I cannot find it in Australia)

I used to use cotton balls to remove nail polish but the cotton stuck to my nails... so I purchased this from Crazy Clarks a while back... use them to remove nail polish remover without the cotton things sticking to your nails!

I purchased this from eBay thinking it was the same thing but it is thinner and doesn't do much :(

You need to use a few of these. They are SUPER thin.

What nail polish remover are you using atm?
What do you use to remove your nail polish? Cotton balls or cotton pads?

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