Sunday, January 9, 2011

Anna Sui Beauty Mirror - LOVE! Pics & Review


Here is the front:

The back:



- Very pretty!
- The mirror is a good size

- It has a bit of weight to it - heavier than your average mirror
- Availability
- Price

Overall rating

Would I repurchase?
Yes - I'm actually going to purchase a back up of this - I am clumsy and I break things! :(


Here is actually my old mirror that has now broken! I used it for about 6 years!

It is from AVON - the pink ribbon on it was for charity.

I actually have a Snoopy one that is older than this but I gave it to my mother! If I get the chance i will take pics of it! Wayyy old! Hahah... My mother likes to collect things - i've purchased new mirrors for her in the past but she only throws things away when they break & you can't use them! lol! I used to be like that too, but there's just too much stuff sometimes! Need to downsize - less is more! :)

What is your fave mirror of the moment? How old is your oldest mirror?

Lara xo

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