Thursday, February 18, 2010

REVIEW: Ecotools Brushes & Blog Posts I'm Reading Now...

- Check out Cecilia's newest post - Cherry Culture haul (includes some NYX items) & green-eyeshadow look - totally gorgeous!

- My Makeup Reviews reviews Ecotools brushes. I have the set she purchased, and was meaning to do a review on it too but her's is VERY lengthy & descriptive! All her posts are though, which is great when you're deciding whether or not to purchase something! :)

Here's the pic she had on her blog post:

Here's my mini review:

My opinion of the brushes

Value for money, however, there are a few brushes that I would not recommend using if you do decide to get a few of them:

- eyeshadow brush: does not pick up much eyeshadow!

- brow brush: horribly hard and you will scrape your skin off if you use it!

- foundation brush: works great at first, but after a while you ALWAYS end up getting a streaky application - not attractive and requires so much effort to fix it up, you may as well not use the brush in the first place!

Other details

- all are hard to wash clean - there are ALWAYS powder particles all over the brush - I have to wash them at least 3 times before they are clean!

I seems My Makeup Reviews hasn't had those brushes for long (she just moved to Australia & purchased these) so she probably hasn't had trouble with them yet - I remember being thrilled with them too, but in the long run...

Would I recommend them?

I would recommend them for people on a budget because they are great value for money, very soft (besides the eyebrow brush) and environmentally friendly, however, if you have the monetary means there are better options out there! But this is great for people who don't want to spend too much money on makeup brushes, and still have something that works and is not prickly - there are many cheap brushes in the same price range as these that are not as good as these - so I would totally recommend these over other brushes that are for the same price! These are affordable quality brushes - I haven't had them snap, minimal hair-loss and no bleeding when washing.

I have just ordered the 5 piece brush set from The Makeup Mix Shop so that I can see if that's any better. They are relatively inexpensive, so we'll see. Will post that haul when it comes!

Hope everyone has a lovely day... the weekend is coming up!

What blog posts are you reading atm?



  1. no problem hun! :) i love your blog! it's quite awesome me thinks :)
    thanks! oh and i like ecotools brushes too but i agree, they're not perfect but quite perfect for the price you're paying, great and affordable.
    have you tried sigma brushes? i've been meaning to but haven't yet, wonder if they're really good!


  2. Ouu those are such cute outfits! :) Love your Diva necklace too! Don't you just love Diva? Lol. :) [referring to your newest post]

    To reply to your comment, I have purchased the full set of Sigma brushes & the 2 sets of travel brushes & plan to do a review on them soon. :) Some of the brushes are good and some are plain horrible! Like... if you gave them to me for free I wouldn't use them! lol

    I love how you alwaya update your blog so often! Will be back! x0


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