Friday, February 5, 2010

REVIEW: Connoisseur Gourment Ice Cream - Caramel Honey Macadmia

Ice cream with honey roasted macadamia nuts (6%) and honey sauce (5%)

- I like the roundness of the packaging... but I do not like that it is cardboard! I would prefer a plastic tub so that I would feel it is more secure, however, the cardboard packaging is good because it is recyclable, and is helping out the environment. I usually reuse my ice cream containers so that helps out the environment too... but I cannot reuse this container!
- 1L - not enough! They should make it at least 2L!!

Made by: Nestle Peters Ice Cream

- about AU$9.00
- not too expensive but more expensive than other icecreams...



I purchased this ice cream yesterday and I am already half way through the container! It melts too quickly though... but that's alright because it would be eaten up quickly anyways! As I am blogging I am having another serve! It is soooo good!

Have you tried this ice cream before? Did you like it?

Are there any other ice creams (that I can purchase in Australia!)that you recommend?

I have my eye on the 'Cookies & Cream' one from this line... Has any one tried that?


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