Sunday, February 14, 2010

MALE POV: Natural beauty, does it still exist?

Hello peoples,

Your resident MALE POVer here. I am a humble person, but I have strong opinions (you can argue with me on here - in the comments section below).

Obviously, I don't think I represent the male point of view entirely by myself. But for myself I can say that I do believe in makeup, I think its the everyday woman's superpower. Its a super power that can be used for good or bad. It is entirely up to the person how they use it.
It is out of character for males to discuss makeup - with anyone - we rarely sit around talking about how good Emma's pink lip gloss looks. Guy talk is centered around, how hot you looked as a whole, or certain assets. That's as far as physical beauty is ever discussed. This is a short topic, and rarely discussed at length between my species. Guys like to treat everyone as guys. And guys don't typically have an overflowing makeup bag!

Sorry ladies - no matter how much effort you put into your make up, your are either HOT or NOT!

Now, onto the topic...


Natural beauty, does it still exist?

Beauty is a definition that is both unique and very personal. Since this blog is dedicated to the physical facet of beauty, it appears shallow. But what does a womans makeup really reveal? Specially about her character? Can we, us men, judge a lady by her looks? Is it appropriate for a 12 year old girl to look 30 and a 40 year old to look 20?

What do we, men, define as beauty, the effort a lady puts into her make up or to refer a term "what her momma gave her"?

I believe in natural beauty, I believe in makeup - obviously since I am writing for the blog - but I don't believe it can create beauty. Makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty. Isn't that what makeup really gives? A superpower to cast aside plain and boring and the ability accentuate natural beauty. So ladies, get enhancing the natural beauty. Everyone's beautiful, makeup just brings out the beauty.

I am getting off my soapbox now as I can ramble on for ages! Don't get my started on mascara!



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