Sunday, February 21, 2010

DEBATE: Tanned Skin versus Pale Skin

Hey o!

So, I hope everyone is having a lovely day. :)

I'm just chilling... Orientation week for uni starts next week... then uni starts the week after... fun fun... lol

I still haven't got my driver's license yet... talk about S...L...O...W!!!! lol... I will get it before my 21st birthday though, that's fo sure!

Anyways, before I start off on my ramblings, I would like to state that these are my own opinions, and if you do or don't agree, say so in the comments...

I think the majority of asians are obsessed with having pale, i.e. white skin. This is of course a generalisation because there are some people who are not like that. I am asian, everyone who is asian that I know of wants to have whiter skin, including people I know overseas.

My mother has always been naturally pale - her skin was so so white when she was my age! That was something she is proud of. On the other hand, I was always a lot darker than my mother, factor in also - the fact that I had massive pimples.... and yea... plain ugly ducking there... I remember my auntie always saying to me that my face looked like a durian... see that asian fruit below? Yep... that was my face.

Anyways, beauty... for my mother and all her friends and all my relatives is the have WHITE skin. I did not possess that... it was not until later on that I eventually got rid of my pimples and my face started clearing up that I didn't look so dark anymore. I still have pimples... they never go away! Arghhh!!! But is a lot better than before so I am thankful! Lol.
Now... tanned skin... my best friend K is not tanned, but she looks so healthy and glowing... and ALIVE when she is! With out it she looks washed out and quite ill... she told me people at her work had even asked if she was sick! So, I'm not the only one who thinks so! I mean she still looks great either way, but she looks so much better WITH a tan, it brings out her features more too. :)
In conclusion...
I think any shade of skin is beautiful - it was what you were born with. :)
What do you prefer? Tanned or pale?


  1. haha dw i've been on my Ls for a year i got it when i was 19 and i've only done like 15hrs... i HATE driving urghh!

    i was born pretty tanned, i was exceptionally tanned during high school, because my girlfriends were always at the beach we'd hang there for 5hrs or so. but ever since i started uni i've been incredibly pale... i think it's because my uni friends are already pretty dark and HATES the sun! lol.

    i guess each have their beauty, all my high school friends had porcelain skin, i remember one of my best friends, she had fire red hair and skin like snow. she saw everyone else trying to get tanned so she went to solariums, fake tan.. she tried everything! it was so sad, i told her she's beautiful with her porcelain skin.

    personally i like being tanned in summer and pale in winter, i go with the season :D

    PS. TY for replyin to the IQQU products! i never knew they were small products as well! gosh she's really milking it! I would expect something like jasmine rice to smell amazing.

  2. hey lily thanks for stopping by! I replied to you on your blog :) xo

  3. For me, I was brought up in Australia thinking that tanned skin was good. However, since I wasn't born naturally tan- I didn't go out there and sizzle in the sun until my skin turned tanned. And because I'm very aware of sun safety, I always slop on some suncream before I head out to the city. But as I grew older, I became more aware of how Asians strive to get whiter skin. I found out in some Asian countries, they have skin bleaching procedures to make your skin super white!! Which at first, I thought was a little drastic...but hey, different cultures have different ideas of beauty. Australia loves tanned skin, Asians love white skin- but I prefer natural colored skin. If you weren't born with a tan, I don't think you should get one- but if you were born with tanned skin you shouldn't try to change it because your natural skin color will always look the best.

  4. Hi anonymous! Thanks for stopping by!

    Same here, I din;t realise Asians wanted whiter skin until i was older and heard my mum and her friends talking!

    Thank you for your opinion! :)

    Lara xo


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