Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haul - Chanel, Shiseido, MAC + 100th Post!!

Chanel Aqualumire Gloss in 73 Bon Bon & 67 Diamond Rose

High Shine

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipsticks in
BE20, BE109 and RS701

MAC Lipsticks in
Angel (Frost) and
Creme Cup (Creme Sheen)

3g each


Creme cup:

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in 710 Light

Select by Woolorths
80 Contoured Bobby Pins

OMG... these are so weird... and they don't really hold me hair properly... :( I wish I got normal ones! Contoured? FAIL!

Butter Mentols

My mother purchased these....

Wrigley's Electro Chewing Gum

I purchased these for my husband... (Ong Xa ngu yen...) he loves chewing gum - 'specially this kind!

What have you guys been hauling lately?

Lara xo


  1. Oh wow, thats a really nice haul! The RS701 Shiseido lipstick looks amazing:D Lucky you


  2. What a haul, what a haul, what a haul. I like ;-D

    And can I say, how DIFFICULT it is to get quality hair pins in Australia ! When my best friend goes back to Lebanon she brings back these awesome DURABLE curved ones and they are the best best best. I seriously wonder if you can get them here ;-O in any case .. probably not at woolworths !

    If you want, I can send you a handful ;-)

  3. stop making me so jealous hahaha!! im saving for london :(

  4. what a haul!!!

    have you tried the products yet? I want to know what you thought about them :)

    I bought a chanel gloss for my mum and she said it was very very sticky :s iduno if it's just hers or in general.

    Im loving shiseido's perfect rouge lipsticks, it's quite moisturising whereas the mac lipsticks completely peel the skin off my lips :\

  5. Rapunzel - thank you! :) Yea - it is a lovely color! I plan to do swatches soon!

    Mookxi - I replied on ur blog!

    ddollysweet - lol! London? Awesome! When do you plan on going?

    Lily - I have tried a few of the products & plan to review them soon! :D

    In regards to Chanel lip glosses - maybe you got her the Glossimers? I purchased one for my BFF & I found it to be stickier in consistency in comparision to the Aqualumire Gloss ones I purchased. Maybe it is just the line? I have yet to try out the lipglosses on my lips though... I need to haha...

    Thanks everyone for commenting! :D

    Lara xo


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