Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you buy backups of beauty and makeup products?

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I admit, I buy backups of a lot of things... shampoo, conditioner, face products, body wash, body creams, lipsticks, lipgloss, nail polish, etc...

But I have come to realise some items I use a lot quicker than others!! I have only ever fully finished like 1 or 2 tubes of lipstick.. and lipgloss? Never! I lose them or they get that funky plastic smell before I use a whole tube!! Nail polish? Yes! Shampoo? Tons! Conditioners! Same! Etc...

I think I need to stop buying backups of things I do not use up too quickly..

Temptalia has this post up and I found the following remarks interesting, when asked the following question (please note that all text written in italics were quoted and I have referenced them in the Temptalia link, all opinions experessed are of their rightful owners and no infringment is meant. Thank you.)

What products do you have backups of?

* Miss Silver

just about everything. I have obsessive compulsive tendencies… or was it obsessive compulsive disorder? But I have to have two of just about most of everything that I have. It’s a terrible affliction. And since make up is so pretty, and I hate it when they discontinue a product, I just buy two of just about anything I buy. It sounds silly, I know, but that’s just my tick. :P I must sound pretty crazy.

I’m just like you Miss Silver… it warms up my heart to see I’m not the only one to do that :)

I don’t own any back-ups since I lose interest in products quite fast and so it would be a waste of money in the end :) Plus I can own more different producst, because I’m not spending my money on back-ups :) The only thing I’d consider buying back-ups of would be MSFs, but they last forever anyway….:)

I don’t own any backups. ^_^ I always think that there is something better right around the corner, so what’s the point?

That is my philosophy as well. I really can’t afford to get uber-obsessed with a product…it could break both my heart and my wallet.

Me neither and I reason the same way!


 I don’t own any backups of anything I don’t ever end up finishing my makeup so I don’t see the point..the marine life I barely even touch it it was only the hype..I own jazzed I haven’t even used it..there’s no point.

I don’t think I have backups of anything. It usually takes me so long to finish a product that I’m content just to have one.


The only things I back up on are the things I use daily, like my mascara’s. I have backups of Maybelline’s Volum’Express, I have backups of eyeliner pencils and I have backups of my trusty Maybelline concealer. (it’s discontinued now)
I just like buying and trying new stuff, especially eyeshadows, lipsticks and glosses so I don’t backup them. When I’m out, I just have another good reason to go shopping again!


 Haha you might think i’m crazy! I have an anxiety if i don’t buy two things of each.


Too many to count actually.
Whenever I buy a product and I like it, I would go back and two or 3 immediately and stock them in my special drawer. I pre-order certain lipsticks two, three at a time just to make sure I don’t run out!

Usually lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers. Never mascara or foundation.


I don’t have any backups. By the time I finish a product, something new will be out!!!


 NOTHING. I don’t believe in back-ups.

What about you? Do you buy backups? What of?

Lara xo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Essie - New Collections of 2011 & what's with the new bottles?

Source of image above: here

My rambling...

No... I'm not talking about the white print on the side on some of them... or the label on the top!

I am talking about.... the volume of the nail polishes!

I realised last night that Essie's new nail polish collections have less nail polish in them than before!!

Before they were 15mL or 0.5fl each. Now they are only 13.5mL or 0.46fl each!

We are missing out on 1.5mL or 0.04fl now!! That makes me sad because the prices have not changed, but we get less! I plan on using up my nail polish until I can no longer use them so yea... I mean I know I have a bunch of nail polishes and people will be like... its only 1.5mL that's not going to make much of a difference! And you know what? I think it was a very smart business decision by Essie too - they save 1.5mL per bottle and it can go into another bottle! They spend less BUT they sell them for the same price & the bottle is still the same size so that don't need to redesign that! Just change how much nail polish goes in!

Well, I have pics and photos and what not coming up!

I purchased Essie's French Affari, Borrowed & Blue & the entire Resort Collection for 2011 (pictured above)! I am wearing Fair Game now as we speak! Very impressed with the formula & will be doing NOTD pics, swatches & reviews soon!


About the Essie Resort Collection 2011

"I view all adventure as FAIR GAME" - Essie

Pictured at the top of this post!

The Essie Resort 2011 features four new soft shades. The collection was inspired by Essie’s trip to South Africa during the World Cup.

The Collection includes:

Fair Game blue metallic Tahitian pearl sheen of platinum (on my nails now!!)

Your Hut or Mine sparkling golden poppy pink

Lion Around peach

Da Bush khaki green


I will have swatches & NOTDs coming up soon for these colours! :D

 Source of information & image above here.


Essie Summer Brazilliant Collection 2011

Source of image: Just Be

N.B. Italics below are quoted. Source: Brush Cosmetic

Essie’s Braziliant Collection includes six new shades for summer:

- Too Too Hot (sizzling rich red coral),
- Meet Me at Sunset (vibrant deep orange),
- Brazilliant (hot orange with a touch of shimmer),
- Absolutely Shore (soft sea foam green),
- Super Bossa Nova (upbeat bright fuchsia), and
- Smooth Sailing (breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl).

- Too Too Hot is really more red than red-coral. It has a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Meet Me at Sunset is a orange-red; kind of like a tomato red to me. It’s very vibrant and has a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Braziliant is a rich, darkened orange with white shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails
- Absolutely Shore is a whitish green with a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Super Bossa Nova is a brightened, dark pink with fuchsia shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Smooth Sailing is cornflower blue with hints of purple and chunkier silver shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails
N.B. Italics below are quoted. Source information below: Just Be

Bold and bright colours dominate the new Braziliant collection from Essie, America’s nail salon expert since 1981.Think colourful headpieces to Rio Carnival, the 6 piece Essie range for Summer 2011 is inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil.

The Braziliant collection, available June 1 is made up of six great shades including a hot orange with a touch of shimmer and a soft sea foam green. Take your toes to Rio Carnival with an upbeat bright fuchsia and a sizzling rich red. The colour choices are endless.

Essie dazzled on the runways at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 supporting some of Australia’s hottest designers. The fingers and toes of many a model were coloured with the touch of Essie.

I haven't been able to get my hands on ANY of these yet... booo... but I hope to so... I am loving the look of Absolutely Shore & Too Too Hot!


My rambling.. verdict!

The formula is so much more pigmented now, so I can trade the 1.5mL for better pigmentation in nail polish and I am not complaining too much because the bottles are cute and I think it is fast becoming one of my top fave nail polish brands!!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you mind Essie changing the volume of nail polish in their nail polishses? Would you still purchase them no that you get less bang for your buck?

Lara xo

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Etude House Nail Polish Swatch - BR005

As you can see in the swatches it is a nice shimmery yellow nail polish

Love the cure packaging!

Have not tried it out yet, but will soon when summer or spring rolls around - in Australia it is FREEZING! It is Autumn/Winter and this colour does not suit at all!

I have been looking for a nice pale and very light yellow... no luck at the shops around here!

Any suggestions?

What do you think of yellow nail polish? Yey or nay?

Lara xo

Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel - The Body Shop - Review

Showing here is the 60mL travel size version, but if you have been following me... you would know I have also purchased the full 250mL size after trying this!

I recceived this as part of a Christmas gift with a few other things - you know those packs they have on special occasions all packed up? This can with the body lotion as well, whcih I will review at a later time :)

Lovely!! Very nice & not too strong or overpowering

Runny, just like a shower gel should be

Does the smell last on your skin after the shower?
Not sure, because I moisturise after... but after I get out of the shower I can smell a hint of the shwoer gel. I think unless you use a lot of this gel, you will not be smelling it on yourself all day because I have said, it is a nice and light fraganced gel.

Are there other products in this line?

Do I have them?
Yes! I have the body lotion, body mist, and the eau de toilette!!

Do I like the scent?

Will I repurchase this particular shower gel?
I have an unopened 250mL bottle of this in my beauty stash so safe to say I have repurchased it, however, because it is relatively expensive in Australia... with NO SALES!!!!!! I think i may have to pass on this in the future - unless I receive it as gifts because it is just a but too pricey for my budget at the moment. However, if you can afford it, I would recommend you give it a try, at least once! :D

Have you tried this before?

Did you like it?

What's your fave items from The Body Shop?

Lara xo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Procrastination: Is there a cure?

My Internet has become super slow now so I will have a hard time uploading images... I may wait until next month to upload pics!

What's been happening in my life? Way too much. I definately prefer an uneventful one, however, we cannot choose what happens to us can we?

Uni is suppose to be overtaking my life atm, with studying for exams and doing assignments SUPPOSE to take up my time... however, I find the activity of procrastination more alluring... and end up doing that instead. Is there a cure? Or is it incurable? I am sure you have experienced bouts of this disease from time to time, have you not? If not, I bow down to you! Teach me your ways, oh master! :D Hahah... you know how they call Kung Fu Masters masters, right? Now I don't sound TOO weird lol...

Anyways, I don't think there is a cure, but I will try my best to procrasinate less. I will do almost ANYTHING but study... take out the trash, clean up the house, eat, eat again... haha...

What do you do when you are procrasinating?

Lara xo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Victoria Secret's Discount Codes 2011 + Free Shipping Code for US Orders

Website: Victoria's Secret

They have their mid year sale going on too!
Don't Miss Out! Secret Garden, 6/$19.99 Body Care



I made orders before this SALE & I should have waited! I am so bummed!! -_-

Anyways for...


$15 off $100
$30 off $150
$75 off $250

Use the code: SP1126065

Look out for future VS hauls! :)

Will you be getting anything?

Lara xo

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ORLY Nail Polish Discounted Stock Sale

For Australians only

The website link to discounted stock: HERE!

All of them at AU$9.95 each. Not sure how much S&H is but that's a great price for Orly np!!

I am in no way affiliated with Orly. Just wanted to share! =)

Lara xo

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mini Haul - Maybelline Angelfit Blush - & Biotherm Eyecreams + Mini Review

A few things I got recently and been meaning to post up!

Maybelline Angelfit Brighten up Blush
in Wooden Rose

The blush is in a plastic compact - light & extremely portable.

Made in China

Not available in Australia.

Biotherm Age Fitness Power 2 Eyecream X2
+ Mini Review

I have been using this lately and been loving the texture but most of all the packaging!
Not sure about whether or not it will reduce signs of aging or what not but I like the texture + no allergic reaction!!


Has a pump.

Have you tried these items before?
What have you gotten recently?

Lara xo

I Smell Like Peaches?? The Body Shop Peach Body Butter Review

Talk about smelling like a full on peach!!


Slather this stuff on!!!!


Comes in a tub (twist/screw tub) - I'm not a huge fan of these tub things... I am more of a tub - squeeze kinda girllll... but hey, these looked cool, and Jennifer Lopez raves on how she loves these (but in Coconut? Or cocoa? Or something... not sure haha... do you guys know?) so I thought I'd gives these a go. I purchased this & also a Guava one... will review when I use!

butter = cream = thick

Yes!! Great for winter! :)

No, not at all! I find it is not a super fast absorbed but not slow... so yea... not sticky & it feels alright...

How is the smell?
YES, you can smell it! It can be a bit much if you have a headache and want to put it all over your body. I would recommend in low dosages if you get headaches over scents easily.

Will I repurchase?
Not this scent, but I would be willing to try other scents in the same line if I found them intersting or nice smelling! I can look past the packaging haha...


Have you tried these body butters before?

Did you like them?

Lara xo

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Haul & NOTD!

Hey guys!
Sorry for being away for a while!
Been busy with things.... like uni & moving houses!!
Here is a mini haul I did before the move... from Woolworths!! Haha,,,

LUX Indulge Body Wash

Woolworths Select Nail Polish Remover

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Disco Ball
(see NOTD below!)


REVLON in Black Lingerie (2coats) topped with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Disco Ball

What's on your nails at the moment?

Lara xo

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have you ever finished a bottle of nail polish?

Image source: here



 It was a black nail polish by an Australian brand called Ulta3!
They are only $2 each at pharmacies!!
By finish I mean there was like 2.769872% nail polish left and there was no way I could get anymore nail polish out! It decided to gloop up and yea... tossed it!

I also have finished a few mini bottles of Seche Vite Top Coat!
Too many to remember actually! Lol! They are so tiny! 
Very cute but they goop up super quick too!! -_- 
I can't imagine having the full size & having to mess around with nail polish thinner!!

After some internet research I found that it is not uncommon for people to NOT finish a whole bottle of nail polish... many of the answers received for the question of this post was a firm "NO, NEVER!!"

Here are a few answers I found interesting...

"What qualifies as "finished" for a bottle of nail polish? I get fed up when the brush doesn't reach the polish anymore and the polish is thick from being exposed to the air after so many uses..." - Source here

"I have got to say I have never finished one. It is just one of the wonders of life you know."  - Source here

"I have never finished a bottle either, but in reference to the people saying that you can’t finish a bottle because the brush isn’t long enough, maybe nail polish companies follow the same policy as nailtiques (who make the strengthening formula no. 2). The say on their website that “The brush is designed not to touch the bottom of the bottle, but we will assure you that no liquid amount is lost because of the brush length. If the bristles were designed longer, they would eventually curve at the ends, not allowing the formula to be applied smoothly. For this reason, each bottle is filled above its stated capacity to compensate for the remainder of liquid left in the bottle.”" - Source here

Have you ever finished a bottle polish before?
What was it?

Lara xo