Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Procrastination: Is there a cure?

My Internet has become super slow now so I will have a hard time uploading images... I may wait until next month to upload pics!

What's been happening in my life? Way too much. I definately prefer an uneventful one, however, we cannot choose what happens to us can we?

Uni is suppose to be overtaking my life atm, with studying for exams and doing assignments SUPPOSE to take up my time... however, I find the activity of procrastination more alluring... and end up doing that instead. Is there a cure? Or is it incurable? I am sure you have experienced bouts of this disease from time to time, have you not? If not, I bow down to you! Teach me your ways, oh master! :D Hahah... you know how they call Kung Fu Masters masters, right? Now I don't sound TOO weird lol...

Anyways, I don't think there is a cure, but I will try my best to procrasinate less. I will do almost ANYTHING but study... take out the trash, clean up the house, eat, eat again... haha...

What do you do when you are procrasinating?

Lara xo

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  1. lol! when you find a cure, let me know! i'm a compulsive procrastinator. But i found that the best essays are last minute essays!!!!

    I actually spent time working on my assignments this semester and i didn't rack up marks nearly as close as to what I got then i wrote it 4hrs before it was due :\ awkward!


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