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Essie - New Collections of 2011 & what's with the new bottles?

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My rambling...

No... I'm not talking about the white print on the side on some of them... or the label on the top!

I am talking about.... the volume of the nail polishes!

I realised last night that Essie's new nail polish collections have less nail polish in them than before!!

Before they were 15mL or 0.5fl each. Now they are only 13.5mL or 0.46fl each!

We are missing out on 1.5mL or 0.04fl now!! That makes me sad because the prices have not changed, but we get less! I plan on using up my nail polish until I can no longer use them so yea... I mean I know I have a bunch of nail polishes and people will be like... its only 1.5mL that's not going to make much of a difference! And you know what? I think it was a very smart business decision by Essie too - they save 1.5mL per bottle and it can go into another bottle! They spend less BUT they sell them for the same price & the bottle is still the same size so that don't need to redesign that! Just change how much nail polish goes in!

Well, I have pics and photos and what not coming up!

I purchased Essie's French Affari, Borrowed & Blue & the entire Resort Collection for 2011 (pictured above)! I am wearing Fair Game now as we speak! Very impressed with the formula & will be doing NOTD pics, swatches & reviews soon!


About the Essie Resort Collection 2011

"I view all adventure as FAIR GAME" - Essie

Pictured at the top of this post!

The Essie Resort 2011 features four new soft shades. The collection was inspired by Essie’s trip to South Africa during the World Cup.

The Collection includes:

Fair Game blue metallic Tahitian pearl sheen of platinum (on my nails now!!)

Your Hut or Mine sparkling golden poppy pink

Lion Around peach

Da Bush khaki green


I will have swatches & NOTDs coming up soon for these colours! :D

 Source of information & image above here.


Essie Summer Brazilliant Collection 2011

Source of image: Just Be

N.B. Italics below are quoted. Source: Brush Cosmetic

Essie’s Braziliant Collection includes six new shades for summer:

- Too Too Hot (sizzling rich red coral),
- Meet Me at Sunset (vibrant deep orange),
- Brazilliant (hot orange with a touch of shimmer),
- Absolutely Shore (soft sea foam green),
- Super Bossa Nova (upbeat bright fuchsia), and
- Smooth Sailing (breezy lavender blue with a reflection of pearl).

- Too Too Hot is really more red than red-coral. It has a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Meet Me at Sunset is a orange-red; kind of like a tomato red to me. It’s very vibrant and has a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Braziliant is a rich, darkened orange with white shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails
- Absolutely Shore is a whitish green with a cream finish.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Super Bossa Nova is a brightened, dark pink with fuchsia shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails

- Smooth Sailing is cornflower blue with hints of purple and chunkier silver shimmer.
For a swatch of this check out Normal Girl Nails
N.B. Italics below are quoted. Source information below: Just Be

Bold and bright colours dominate the new Braziliant collection from Essie, America’s nail salon expert since 1981.Think colourful headpieces to Rio Carnival, the 6 piece Essie range for Summer 2011 is inspired by the vibrancy of Brazil.

The Braziliant collection, available June 1 is made up of six great shades including a hot orange with a touch of shimmer and a soft sea foam green. Take your toes to Rio Carnival with an upbeat bright fuchsia and a sizzling rich red. The colour choices are endless.

Essie dazzled on the runways at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2011 supporting some of Australia’s hottest designers. The fingers and toes of many a model were coloured with the touch of Essie.

I haven't been able to get my hands on ANY of these yet... booo... but I hope to so... I am loving the look of Absolutely Shore & Too Too Hot!


My rambling.. verdict!

The formula is so much more pigmented now, so I can trade the 1.5mL for better pigmentation in nail polish and I am not complaining too much because the bottles are cute and I think it is fast becoming one of my top fave nail polish brands!!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you mind Essie changing the volume of nail polish in their nail polishses? Would you still purchase them no that you get less bang for your buck?

Lara xo

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