Monday, May 16, 2011

I Smell Like Peaches?? The Body Shop Peach Body Butter Review

Talk about smelling like a full on peach!!


Slather this stuff on!!!!


Comes in a tub (twist/screw tub) - I'm not a huge fan of these tub things... I am more of a tub - squeeze kinda girllll... but hey, these looked cool, and Jennifer Lopez raves on how she loves these (but in Coconut? Or cocoa? Or something... not sure haha... do you guys know?) so I thought I'd gives these a go. I purchased this & also a Guava one... will review when I use!

butter = cream = thick

Yes!! Great for winter! :)

No, not at all! I find it is not a super fast absorbed but not slow... so yea... not sticky & it feels alright...

How is the smell?
YES, you can smell it! It can be a bit much if you have a headache and want to put it all over your body. I would recommend in low dosages if you get headaches over scents easily.

Will I repurchase?
Not this scent, but I would be willing to try other scents in the same line if I found them intersting or nice smelling! I can look past the packaging haha...


Have you tried these body butters before?

Did you like them?

Lara xo


  1. I haven't tried this particular one but I would like to try it for its scent~
    I have a coconut scented lotion from The Body Shop and its really really strong.. almost like a strong perfume!!

  2. Yea - peaches smells alright, it is strong too!!

    I should smell that cocomnut one next time I am in store! perfume like? that is super strong! lol

    I cant comment on ur blog atm duno y
    will try again another time :)


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