Thursday, June 30, 2011

OPI Sparrow me the drama - Swatches & Review

OPI Sparrow me the drama

3 coats

VERDICT: Lovely pink shade!

This is what I wanted OPI Dim Sum Plum to look like (still need to post up NOTDs & swatch of that! :))

It was a bit sheer, 3 coats to full opacity.

Lovely to wear

I got complements on it from several people! :D

I am wearing this as a pedi too!! :D

One of my favourite pinks!! It is very toned down - not too barbie pink!

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Lara xo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Award - Butterfly :D

I was tagged by Popblush from Popblushing this award! Thank you sweetie! :D
She has awesome hauls on a lot of different brands & EOTDs! Check her out! :)

So the award...

Award rules:

Award 7 others and write 15 random things about yourself.

15 random things about me:

1. I may be addicted to nail polish
2. I am an awesome procrasinator
3. I adore dogs & puppies!!!! Sooo want one!! No... 2!! :D
4. My phones all die on me sooner rather than later...
5. Same with my laptops!
6. My fave colour is green!
7. I like cereal not only for brekky but... lunch is awesome too!
8. I like grass.
9. I like the sand on the beach.
10. I used to not like red nail polish.. now I am obsessed!! haha
11. If all things go well I graduate from uni at the end of this year! :D
12. I wear glasses.
13. I want a REAL camera one day... will save up for one!
14. I need to go on a nail polish ban.
15. I think too much about nail polish.

I tag...

1. Mookxi
2. Of Food, Health, Diets, Skincare and Cosmetics
3. Beauty and Fashion Ambition
5. Sprinkles & Glitter
6. Confessions of a Beauty Guru 

7. Salon ARES

What are some random things about you?

Lara xo

Essie Fair Game & Lion Around - Swatches & Reviews

Essie Fair Game

                                                                        1 coat

2 coats

3 coats

Initially I thought this was like a steel grey kind of colour... but after reading descriptions online I found out it is blue!! Lol!

Metallic-y looking. Nice for fall/autumn/winter!

I got no compliments on this shade, but I think it is a nice alternative to the other dark colours we usually see in the cooler months (like black, plums and what not!)

Rating: 3.5/5
(for now! I have only used it 1 time on my hands for a mani!! I may love it later haha)

Essie Lion Around

3 coats for all photos/swatches

Nice office friendly shade
Neutral looking

I had to take this off after swatches because it wouldn't dry properly... maybe I layered it on too thick! lol

Into neutrauls and/or pinks? Check this shade out!

Rating: Undecided (need to wear it at least for a day!!)

What nail polish have you been liking these days?

Lara xo

Chanel 487 Rouge Fatal - Swatches & Review (NOTD)

Pictured: After 1 day of wear.

1 base coat, 2 coats of colour & 1 top coat

Natural Sunlight:

Artificial Lighting:

My first time wearing this polish.

I was disapointed with the wear, but this may just be due to my application or the fact I did housework right after painting my nails!!

I wore this on my hands & did a matching pedi... but took them both off after day 2 because somehow I didn't like how the mani was wearing... as for the pedi? It was fine, I just felt like a colour change! (After 2 days? I know right? What's wrong with me! It's Chanel!!)

It is winter here in Oz so thought I would bust out this shade.

On the fence about it... I will be wearing it again soon, and let you guys know what I think! :) It deserves a 2nd chance! (After what I paid for it!! lol!!)

What's your fave Chanel nail polish?
Or any nail polish brand?

Lara xo

Essie, OPI, China Glaze etc... Nail Polish Haul!!

Hey Guys!

I haven't been able to update this blog as much as I would have liked because
1) couldn't transfer pics onto my new laptop! (Still can't do that! I have resorted to e-mailing all these pics to myself! -_-)
2) Super busy with uni!! Still am!! Procrastinating! Lol!!

So... nail polishes I have purchased recently!!

First up!


- French Affair

- Borrowed & Blue (from the Wedding Collection)

- The entire Fair Game Resort Collection:

•Fair Game: blue metallic Tahitian pearl sheen of platinum
•Your Hut or Mine: sparkling golden poppy pink
•Lion Around: peach (a surprise shade! Very office friendly!)
•Da Bush khaki: green

More details here

From the Pirates of the C---- Collection

- Mermaid's Tears
- Planks Alot
- Sparrow me the drama
Steady as she rose

China Glaze

- Sunset Sail
- White Cap

Seche Vite

- Top Coat

Finally got the full version of the bottle after trying a bunch of other fast drying top coats... this is the best I have found!!!!

NOTE: I did not purchase all of these at one time!!

More hauls, reviews, swatches and what not to come!!

Look out for - Victoria's Secret Haul
Nail Polish Swatches!

What have you been hauling lately?

Lara xo

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nivea Whitening Inner Cell Repair Cream - Face & Body - Review

Purchased from: Sasa

Price: reasonable from what I remember!

(I had previously typed up this post but Blogger didn't save it... so here I go again... a shorter version because I am so annoyed -_-... not only can my new computer not transfer my new photos from my iPhone, tell me why!!?? but Blogger is super annoying....)

- UV protection
- quickly absorbed into the skin
- non-offensive smell
- non-greasy
- reasonable price
- no fuss packaging

- not available in Australia in stores - need to purchase online
- would be better as a tube (the packaging)
- not thick enough for my liking (a bit runny) - would be great as a face moisturiser but I used it as a handcream *but now i am onto VS hand and body creams so now I use it as my foot cream* I had purchased 10 of these now only have one left!! So I think I will try others - too inconvienient to by online!!

What do you think of NIVEA products?
Have you tried this product before?

Lara xo

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Like a baby... Johnson's baby bath! Empty & Review!

So... I finished this the other day! Actually I finished two of these off! I think they had a sale or something so I decided to buy two! I'm weird like that! Anyways, going through 2 whole bottles of these things.... I htink I qualify to review them!

Smells like baby powder? Nothing offensive at all. It's not like yummy or anything but othing special either.

No more tears?
Lol.. not sure... didn't get in my eyes!

It's blue!!

Would I repurchase?
Yes, I may, it's alright - price is alright, I mean nothing special about it but the bottle is a good small size so that's good. The blue liquid is cute lol... I will be trying out other body washes so I don't think I will settle on any just yet! But this is in my top 10 because a) affordable, b) simple not too fragranced, c) good simple and small packaging, d) doesn't clash with other scents, e) nothing offensive, f) I have nothing bad to say about it!

If it is good enough for a baby, it's good enough for me! lol!
As I said, I have nothing bad to say about it so I may repurchase in the future - a great everyday body wash! :D

I am using The Body Shop Peach Bath and Shower wash at the moment! Will review that at a later date!

What body wash are you using now? Do you like it?

Lara xo