Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Award - Butterfly :D

I was tagged by Popblush from Popblushing this award! Thank you sweetie! :D
She has awesome hauls on a lot of different brands & EOTDs! Check her out! :)

So the award...

Award rules:

Award 7 others and write 15 random things about yourself.

15 random things about me:

1. I may be addicted to nail polish
2. I am an awesome procrasinator
3. I adore dogs & puppies!!!! Sooo want one!! No... 2!! :D
4. My phones all die on me sooner rather than later...
5. Same with my laptops!
6. My fave colour is green!
7. I like cereal not only for brekky but... lunch is awesome too!
8. I like grass.
9. I like the sand on the beach.
10. I used to not like red nail polish.. now I am obsessed!! haha
11. If all things go well I graduate from uni at the end of this year! :D
12. I wear glasses.
13. I want a REAL camera one day... will save up for one!
14. I need to go on a nail polish ban.
15. I think too much about nail polish.

I tag...

1. Mookxi
2. Of Food, Health, Diets, Skincare and Cosmetics
3. Beauty and Fashion Ambition
5. Sprinkles & Glitter
6. Confessions of a Beauty Guru 

7. Salon ARES

What are some random things about you?

Lara xo

1 comment:

  1. You are so cute~ Seeing as you THINK about nail polish all the time and that you NEED to go on a nail polish ban, I think you ARE obsessed with it, not MAYBE. LOL. Don't worry, because I think about blush all the time too.

    I want 2 doggies too! So they wont be lonely. hehe

    Loving your new layout babe. Clean yet bold :D


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