Friday, February 12, 2010

HAUL & REVIEW: IQQU Skin Face Products - Advance Sunscreen, Acne Serum & Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub

Hey everyone!

So, Michelle Phan (pictured below) was on Youtube promoting her new beauty range IQQU.
Source: Lancome USA

I am ALWAYS up for trying new products,

so I jumped on the website and purchased the following:

The products, left to right:
Advance Sunscreen , Acne Serum & Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub.

All products state that they were made in Thailand.

- Small size, it's only 30mL

- I have not tested this product out because after I tried one of Shiseido's sunscreens I got a major allergic reaction - so many pimples popped up on my face! (I will review it in more depth at a later date.) So I am scared of trying anymore sunscreens at this point.

- So when I get the guts, I will try this out!
- The texture is creamy and doesn't seem oily - powder-ish


- 30mL

- It has a pleasant scent, not quite sure what it smells like... a mix of lavender & roses?
- Smooth texture
- Hygenic packaging
- I tried this over several days & I got allergic to it, so no no no... broke me out a bit
Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub

- 30g
- It smells very weird.... very off to me. I do not like the smell. Not really the rice smell I was expecting.
- It does not scratch the face when applied
- I got allergic to this too, more pimples for me :( boo

So, no luck with this line of products for me. :( I REALLY wanted to like it!

Here is Michelle on Youtube telling us she will be Lancome's Video makeup artist:

IQQU will be releasing a line of eyeshadows and makeup brushes in the future, and I look forward to what they look like. Might be tempted to buy some... we'll see!

Have you tried IQQU products yet?
Did you like them? Share with us!
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  1. thank you for reviewing her products!!!

    I've been very very curious about them but the stuff is quite pricey, I have a dislike for products that doesn't smell nice haha i prefer fruity or light floral smells.. or gummy bear scented :D

  2. Thanks for dropping by! No problem. :)

    Yea, the products are priced fairly high considering the size is quite small...

    I was surprised the Jasime Rice Scrub smelled so bad... :( Boo! lol "gummy bear scented"? lmao! I like nice smelling things too! lol

  3. omg.... the scrub smells bad? 9 out of 10 ideas say it smells super great and yummy, my sister also told me the same thing, so... (???)

    i guess u have very sensitive skin or sth? this post filled with "allegic" :D

  4. Hey anon!

    It smells a bit synthetic to me that's all! I have urber sensitive skin! lol!

    Thanks for commenting! :)

  5. Hey!!
    I'm new to this acne thing so I have nooooooo Idea where to start! do you have any tips or pointers on what I shaould do?

  6. Hi! Thank you for dropping bye!
    I think you need to find products that suit you.
    Find out what skin type you have and start there!
    I am hoping to write a few articles on skin & skincare in the future! Stay tuned!
    Lara xo

  7. be careful with iqqu. i heard there was a lot of controversies with that. not sure its very confusing. something about it being not fda approved for cosmetic purposes or tested idk if that is true i'm not sure if they fix that already but you can research it and determine it yourself.

    1. and some people were getting reactions i think i'm not too sure because i didn't read into it too much and didn't want to provide false claims or anything. but yeah...


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