Friday, February 5, 2010

REVIEW: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

- 2.7mL of concealer
- 2.7mL of highlighter
- Convenient packaging - both concealer and highlighter in the one product, however, after a while it gets a bit messy
- I would prefer if the packaging was see-through so that I could see how much I have left
- The words have smudged off on mine, as you can see, but that's just due to lots of usage!

- I got light, but I also have light/medium, and I can honestly say I can't notice the different between the two shades, however, both shades match me so 5/5!

The concealer end - doe tipped applicator.

The highlighter end - brush like applicator.

Top - concealer

Bottom - lighlighter



The concealer end isn't as good as Maybelline's Mineral Power concealer, which I will do a review on soon, not as opaque, however, it is very similar in consistency. I prefer the Mineral Power concealer of this concealer. This concealer is good to layer, but is not the best concealer I've tried.

The highlighter end I love! I wish Maybelline made a product with only this end! I would totally buy it! Love love. I use this under my eyebrows to brighten up the area and I believe it makes me look more awake! But I believe, a lighter-than-your-skin-colour coloured foundation would work as a highlighter as well.



- Under AU$20.00 for a total of 5.4ml

- Like all other Maybelline products this is affordable and pretty much everyone has access to it.

- Not discontinued.


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