Friday, February 5, 2010

REVIEW: Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover Foundations and Mineral Veil

I have purchased Nude by Nature's
- Natural Mineral Cover foundation in Light and Medium Skin tone (15g each)
- Mineral Veil
I purchased the Medium skin tone (pictured above, I did not take photos of the others because the packaging is the same) because I thought it would match me, however, it was waaay too dark. So I gave that away too my mother, who is a few shades darker than me, and purchased the Light skin tone. This shade matches me okay.
AU$39.95 for 15g from selected pharmacies and Priceline
I would say this is a reasonable price - not dirt cheap but not too expensive, however you cannot try these on your face in store so it would be hard to match your skin tone to the foundation, which brings me too...
2/5 for the Mineral Foundation
There are only 3 shades - Light, Medium and Dark Skin Tones
If you are super pale I think it will be hard to find a match because I am Asian and am have olive toned skin and the Light Skin Tone matched me the best, however it still does not give me the 'my-skin-but-better' look because it is not exactly matched.
The lack of shades is a bit disheartening, however if you are lucky you may be one of the 3 shades they offer.
One word: messy!
I am not a fan of the packaging because everytime I open AND/OR close it a whole ton of product flies EVERYWHERE!! But I would assume most mineral products have this problem as well though...

3/5 for the Mineral Foundations
It did not cause me to break out - which is good.
The shade match was kind of off, but it wasn't too bad, and considering there are only 3 shades I guess it is okay. The coverage was okay - if I wanted more coverage I put on more, but it made my face look CAKED UP... and unnatural looking. It looked like I had TOO MUCH MAKE UP ON - not a good look! The foundation wore off within a few hours so I thought I needed to get the Mineral Veil.
I now use this to set my liquid foundation, and that works okay. I do not use the Mineral Foundation brush though, I use a powder brush.
0/5 for the Mineral Veil
Oh how do I regret purchasing this! It made my face have a ghost-ish white cast and made my pore look HUMUNGOUS!!!! It aged me - I looked at least 10 years older! Horrible.
This has also been given away to my mother... she hasn't tried it yet though, because she has so much other stuff to go through! Also given to her from me!. LOL. So, needless to say she receives A LOT of makeup products from me! LOL. I end up with less and less money and she is product rich! She doesn't have sensitive skin, is willing to try ANY brand of makeup (like me!) and never reacts to anything! Lol... and she looks amazing in her makeup. :) My mum is almost 50 years old and my best friend's mother thought she way only 30 - something. All that makeup must be doing something! :)
What are your thoughts on this product? Have you tried it yet? Did you like it?

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