Thursday, February 25, 2010

DEBATE: Do Us Girls/Women Wear Too Little Makeup for Uni/School?

So it's O-Week at uni... yeay! It's great to meet new people!

I was wondering... does anyone wear makeup to uni? To school? If you do, how much or how little? Do we need to pay more attention to our appearance when we are studying?

So that's where my topic comes from... I think that us girls/women wear too little makeup for uni/school.

I think it is important to keep a good appearance anywhere lol but for uni, I think it is appropriate to wear makeup because not only are you studing but you are meeting people too - you want to look your best!

The power of makeup can enhance your looks, make you feel better, socialise more... make more friends and help you study...? lol... okay, not sure about that last one... but I added it in just in case it could! lol.


Look at the photos above. Which picture looks better? Honestly, if no one told me, I'd think they were 2 different girls! Lol.

Some people say looks don't matter... well... that can be said for age as well... we all know that sometimes that is just not true... it's life right?

So, what are your opinions on this topic? What do you think? Share!



  1. Your forgetting the digital revolution! The 2 pics side by side may look like two people. In reality, colour and lighting don't play significant roles, in aesthetics. Put it in a photograph and its a different ball game. just sayin...

  2. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for dropping by. Well, I understand where you are coming from, but we tend to look different in photos then we do in real life anyways... but this is just comparing 2 photos of the same person to eachother, so I don't think it is an unfair comparison...

  3. Currently at my school, all the 'too cool' kids wear make up to school. They're often told off by the teachers not to wear make up, but I really don't see the need to wear make up to school and especially if you go to an all girls school...who's there to impress? LOL for uni however, I think it's okay to wear a little- because I don't think there are going to be teachers to tell you off for wearing make up, but of course don't go over board with fake eyelashes xD haha because I know at my school people talk about the girls who wear make up and say some pretty nasty stuff ...

    Then again, I find make up is also a powerful tool for self confidence. Especially for the girls who feel they can't be at their 'full potential' without make up, at least they can have a bit of self confidence here and there with make up. But people should learn to love themselves for who they are naturally, instead of relying on make up. Make up is nice, but I prefer to be around people who can accept themselves for who they are :)

  4. Hi Maggie thanks for commenting! :)

    Well, makeup isn't always worn to IMPRESS people you know... some girls may wear it just for themselves! ahem ahem... me! lol

    On the otherhand, girls and women are EXPECTED to wear makeup for work, weddings... I mean, it's the norm now. If you don't you get criticized for not looking after yourself. Sad but true, I'm afraid. They don't always say it to your face of course...

    But I never wore makeup when i went to school... all girls school... but that isn't the point - i think I just never cared! lol I liked makeup because it was all new to me - my mum ALWAYS wears makeup so I was curious!

    Yes, it is a self confidence thing sometimes isn't it!

    Thanks so much for your opinions! I really appreciate them!

    Stop by again soon!


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