Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAUL & REVIEW: Maybelline, Designer Brands & Tweezerman

Hey o!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

This is what I got from my husband today:

They look kind of dead because it is SO hot today!

Me and K went shopping yesterday... here's what I got from Priceline and Price Attack.

From Priceline, Left to right:

- Maybelline Shine Free Pressed Powder in Light 2

Product Information

Oil-blotting ingredients in this pressed powder keep your face fresh for hours.

- 100% oil-free for a no-shine, matte finish

- Won't clog pores or cause blemishes

- Suitable for acne-prone skin

My Experience

I tried this out today it is very dusty. It is not as bad as the loose powder (see below) though. I used a powder brush (the Nude by Nature powder brush I have reviewed earlier this month) with this, not the powder puff thing given with the compact.

This reminds me of a pressed powder I bought from Maybelline a while ago when I was still in school, I can't remember the name, but it was in a rectangular compact, clear cover and a light green plastic case. It had a TINY powderpuff and mirror as well. Is this the same product just repackaged?


I am not allergic to Maybelline's products. I haven't used this product for that long so I can't make acurrate assessment of how it performs on my face in the long run, however, I can say this would be best for oily skin, because it looked a bit dry on my cheeks, but fine on my forehead and nose (I have combination skin).

Would I repurchase?

Yes, because it does not break me out, and is affordable.

- Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder in Light 2

Product Information

Oil-control loose powder for a fresh, no-shine look that lasts all day.

- 100% oil-free powder

- Available in light and medium shades

My experience

I tried this last night when I went out. I like the packaging because it is not that messy compared to other loos powders. It is slighly more drying than the pressed powder on me. It also made my pores look a little larger than usual.

My Verdict

Like it's pressed powder friend, I think this is best reserved for people with oily skin.

Would I repurchase?

Not sure at the moment, as I like the pressed powder version more - less messy and less drying. However, if you have really oily skin, give this a try!

- Maybelline Mineral Powder Liquid Foundation in Light 1

Product Information

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation with micro-minerals is a lightweight, luxurious liquid formula that provides a luminous, natural coverage. Discover the power of micro-minerals:

- Only our formula combines micro-minerals with a liquid in a lightweight texture for a healthier, more natural finish

- Naturally breathable, seamlessly blendable

- Provides buildable, even coverage

- Talc-Free

- Oil-free

- Fragrance-Free

- Non pore-clogging

- SPF 18 sunscreen

- Medium Coverage

My experience

I have not tried this yet, so I cannot comment on how it performs on my skin, however, I can comment on the bottle! It is squeezable matte plastic and very small - cute looking!

K says she has tried this foundation and finds it too watery. She does not like it and will not be repurchasing. I have wanted to try this out for a while now though and decided to purchase it anyway, after all we have different types of skin, so maybe I will like it!

From Price Attack:

- Designer Brands Fruity Lips in 829 Peach

I got this for free and K got one too! I have not tried this yet but it looks pretty!

It is shimmery and comes in a sqeezable plastic tube.

I also just wanted to do a quick review as well on my Tweezerman's stainless steel petite tweeze (TM) set in Gold, the Special Edition Pack. I first mentioned them in my haul here.

- I paid AU$43.00 but its RRP is a lot more, about AU$70.00+ I believe. Does anyone know the exact price? Comment below if you do!
- Too expensive for what it is... steel! But it is popular among Hollywood celebrities so I wanted to see what the fuss was about!

- They seem to perform like normal tweezers to me, but they work slightly better than normal ones do
- Having said that, these are too small for me... I like normal sized tweezers!
- I don't like the pointy tweezers... :( - It does not work for me and I will probably never be using these again... maybe to remove splinters it would be useful!

Would I be repurchasing?

Not this set, but I would like to try the normal sized version. :)

What brand of tweezers do you use?
Have you tried Tweezerman's tweezers yet?
What was your experience with them? Love or not?


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