Saturday, April 30, 2011

Quote of The Moment, I Need to Declutter! & Cute puppy pics!

Quote of The Moment:

Image source: here

"If you don't stand for something,
you'll fall for anything."
- Anon

I love this quote! Not sure of its originals though, sorry. If you know, let me know! :)


Image source: here

Here are the thoughts and frame of mind I am in atm since I will be moving soon and need to get rid of things!!


I have a bunch of stuff written in a notebook so I am going to type a few of them up here...

- Clutter = visual noise

- It's better to have less of what we love than to have lots of what we like!

- All makeup and beauty products should be used within 3 years of production.

- Makeup should all fit into one cosmetic bag if it doesn't you have too much!

- If you haven't worn it in a year, you're unlikely to start now - goes for clothing and makeup!

Need help decluttering?

Here is a webpage I've bookmarked to come back and read sometime: here!
Looks super useful!

Cute puppy and dog pictures:

Not sure what breed this puppy is... do you know?


What's your fave quote of the moment?
What's your thoughts on decluttering?

Lara xo

OPI Femme De Cirque Mini Collection, OPI Rapi Dry Top Coat +... Haul!

The new OPI collection!

OPI Femme De Cirque Mini Collection

Softshades by OPI

I Juggle... Men, So many Clowns so little Time, In Spot-light Pink & Step Right Up!

OPI Rapi Dry Top Coat

OPI Base Coat 
for natural nails

CND Solar Oil

What do you think of the new OPI Femme De Cirque Collection?
What have you been hauling lately?

Lara xo

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow palette Swatches & Review

The eyeshadows are:
Pure Color Eyeshadow & EL Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo

30 Sugar Cube
63 Mocha Cup
35 Cinnamon
06 Roseberry Duo
45 Mink

Please note that...
The names for the eyeshadows are no longer being used at Estee Lauder for all the new eyesdhaow products, they have changed the names but the shades are still the same though!

Contents made in Italy

Love the luxurious packaging!!
Perfect for travelling!
Reptile kind of print!
Has a mirror to, as you can see in the photo below.
Comes with a double ended sponge tip applicator.


Swatched - once or twice each

The Pure color eyeshadows are a lot more creamy and pigmented & apply a lot better than the duo.
I much prefer them to the duo. The duo was a bit hard & was less pigmented than the pure color eyeshadows.

Have you tried EL eyeshadows? What's your fave shade?

Lara xo

China Glaze Peachy Keen Swatches

2 coats

What do you think of this shade?

Yay or nay?

Lara xo

OPI nail polish swatches

OPI nail varnishes in
Fiercely Fiona & Red My Fortune Cookie

Dim Sum Plum (& Bubble Bath not swatched)


1 coat each

Here is NOTD: OPI Red My Fortune Cookie + Review!

Do you do 1 or two coats on your nails usually?

I am a two coater! :D I think it looks better! 
Even if 1 coat is fine! I always do two!

Lara xo

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sinful Colors Pink Diamond 394 Swatches

1 coat:

2 coats:

This nail polish swatch comes to your courtesy of my mother's nail polish collection/stash!
My mother purchased this from a local chemist some time last year for only AU$2!
I actually don't own any Sinful Colors np! But how inexpensive is it?! :D

 I did give Sinful Color's 831 Hottie to a friend though (as a gift, she let me swatch it!)
and it looks pretty dupable to OPI katy Perry Last Friday Night!!

Have you tried Sinful Colors nail polishes yet?
Did you like them?

Lara xo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Essie Smokin' Hot 739 Swatches

2 coats

A great deep dark plum/purple shade!

What do you think of this shade?
It's perfect for the colder months! :D

Lara xo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

NOTD: OPI Red My Fortune Cookie + Review

From the HONG KONG collection!

1 coat:

2 coats:

My nail polish painting skills are super great now! Hahaha! Go me! :D

LOVE this shade on me! I did 2 manis in a row with this color!
It's still on my nails (just mani no. 2!!)

How long did it last on my nails?
I used 1 coat of Essie First Base Base Coat, 2 coats of OPI colour & 1 top coat of Seche Vite
& it lasted only 3 days until I felt like I needed to repaint them.
I could see tip wear by the 2nd day and that annoyed me a bit. But it still looked great!
By the third day it had started to chip and peel so I had to remove it.

How opaque is the OPI nail lacquer?
It looks pretty good with one coat but richer with 2 coats :)

I. AM. SO IN LOVE!! <3!!

Out of 10?


Long-wearing ability:
(above average, 3 days is pretty standard)

How fast drying? 
(not THAT quick, but quicker than some others I have tried)

What's on your nails atm?

Lara xo

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Etude House Lucidarling 04 & 01


2 coats


3 coats

Cute packaging! As always with Etude House! :)

Have you got any Etude nail polishes?
What did you think of them?

Lara xo