Thursday, February 25, 2010

DEBATE: Do Us Girls/Women Wear Too Little Makeup for Uni/School?

So it's O-Week at uni... yeay! It's great to meet new people!

I was wondering... does anyone wear makeup to uni? To school? If you do, how much or how little? Do we need to pay more attention to our appearance when we are studying?

So that's where my topic comes from... I think that us girls/women wear too little makeup for uni/school.

I think it is important to keep a good appearance anywhere lol but for uni, I think it is appropriate to wear makeup because not only are you studing but you are meeting people too - you want to look your best!

The power of makeup can enhance your looks, make you feel better, socialise more... make more friends and help you study...? lol... okay, not sure about that last one... but I added it in just in case it could! lol.


Look at the photos above. Which picture looks better? Honestly, if no one told me, I'd think they were 2 different girls! Lol.

Some people say looks don't matter... well... that can be said for age as well... we all know that sometimes that is just not true... it's life right?

So, what are your opinions on this topic? What do you think? Share!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

HOW TO: Make Your Manicure Last Longer - Youtube's MakeupByTiffanyD

The weather has been so weird... raining and humid, and then sunny the next minute!

Nothing to cheer me up better than watching Youtube!

Youtube's MakeupByTiffanyD has a new video up... check it out!

Ouu... and look at her closet! OMG! TDF or what?


DEBATE: Tanned Skin versus Pale Skin

Hey o!

So, I hope everyone is having a lovely day. :)

I'm just chilling... Orientation week for uni starts next week... then uni starts the week after... fun fun... lol

I still haven't got my driver's license yet... talk about S...L...O...W!!!! lol... I will get it before my 21st birthday though, that's fo sure!

Anyways, before I start off on my ramblings, I would like to state that these are my own opinions, and if you do or don't agree, say so in the comments...

I think the majority of asians are obsessed with having pale, i.e. white skin. This is of course a generalisation because there are some people who are not like that. I am asian, everyone who is asian that I know of wants to have whiter skin, including people I know overseas.

My mother has always been naturally pale - her skin was so so white when she was my age! That was something she is proud of. On the other hand, I was always a lot darker than my mother, factor in also - the fact that I had massive pimples.... and yea... plain ugly ducking there... I remember my auntie always saying to me that my face looked like a durian... see that asian fruit below? Yep... that was my face.

Anyways, beauty... for my mother and all her friends and all my relatives is the have WHITE skin. I did not possess that... it was not until later on that I eventually got rid of my pimples and my face started clearing up that I didn't look so dark anymore. I still have pimples... they never go away! Arghhh!!! But is a lot better than before so I am thankful! Lol.
Now... tanned skin... my best friend K is not tanned, but she looks so healthy and glowing... and ALIVE when she is! With out it she looks washed out and quite ill... she told me people at her work had even asked if she was sick! So, I'm not the only one who thinks so! I mean she still looks great either way, but she looks so much better WITH a tan, it brings out her features more too. :)
In conclusion...
I think any shade of skin is beautiful - it was what you were born with. :)
What do you prefer? Tanned or pale?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

REVIEW: Ecotools Brushes & Blog Posts I'm Reading Now...

- Check out Cecilia's newest post - Cherry Culture haul (includes some NYX items) & green-eyeshadow look - totally gorgeous!

- My Makeup Reviews reviews Ecotools brushes. I have the set she purchased, and was meaning to do a review on it too but her's is VERY lengthy & descriptive! All her posts are though, which is great when you're deciding whether or not to purchase something! :)

Here's the pic she had on her blog post:

Here's my mini review:

My opinion of the brushes

Value for money, however, there are a few brushes that I would not recommend using if you do decide to get a few of them:

- eyeshadow brush: does not pick up much eyeshadow!

- brow brush: horribly hard and you will scrape your skin off if you use it!

- foundation brush: works great at first, but after a while you ALWAYS end up getting a streaky application - not attractive and requires so much effort to fix it up, you may as well not use the brush in the first place!

Other details

- all are hard to wash clean - there are ALWAYS powder particles all over the brush - I have to wash them at least 3 times before they are clean!

I seems My Makeup Reviews hasn't had those brushes for long (she just moved to Australia & purchased these) so she probably hasn't had trouble with them yet - I remember being thrilled with them too, but in the long run...

Would I recommend them?

I would recommend them for people on a budget because they are great value for money, very soft (besides the eyebrow brush) and environmentally friendly, however, if you have the monetary means there are better options out there! But this is great for people who don't want to spend too much money on makeup brushes, and still have something that works and is not prickly - there are many cheap brushes in the same price range as these that are not as good as these - so I would totally recommend these over other brushes that are for the same price! These are affordable quality brushes - I haven't had them snap, minimal hair-loss and no bleeding when washing.

I have just ordered the 5 piece brush set from The Makeup Mix Shop so that I can see if that's any better. They are relatively inexpensive, so we'll see. Will post that haul when it comes!

Hope everyone has a lovely day... the weekend is coming up!

What blog posts are you reading atm?


Sunday, February 14, 2010

HAUL & REVIEW: Maybelline, Designer Brands & Tweezerman

Hey o!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone is having a lovely day!

This is what I got from my husband today:

They look kind of dead because it is SO hot today!

Me and K went shopping yesterday... here's what I got from Priceline and Price Attack.

From Priceline, Left to right:

- Maybelline Shine Free Pressed Powder in Light 2

Product Information

Oil-blotting ingredients in this pressed powder keep your face fresh for hours.

- 100% oil-free for a no-shine, matte finish

- Won't clog pores or cause blemishes

- Suitable for acne-prone skin

My Experience

I tried this out today it is very dusty. It is not as bad as the loose powder (see below) though. I used a powder brush (the Nude by Nature powder brush I have reviewed earlier this month) with this, not the powder puff thing given with the compact.

This reminds me of a pressed powder I bought from Maybelline a while ago when I was still in school, I can't remember the name, but it was in a rectangular compact, clear cover and a light green plastic case. It had a TINY powderpuff and mirror as well. Is this the same product just repackaged?


I am not allergic to Maybelline's products. I haven't used this product for that long so I can't make acurrate assessment of how it performs on my face in the long run, however, I can say this would be best for oily skin, because it looked a bit dry on my cheeks, but fine on my forehead and nose (I have combination skin).

Would I repurchase?

Yes, because it does not break me out, and is affordable.

- Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder in Light 2

Product Information

Oil-control loose powder for a fresh, no-shine look that lasts all day.

- 100% oil-free powder

- Available in light and medium shades

My experience

I tried this last night when I went out. I like the packaging because it is not that messy compared to other loos powders. It is slighly more drying than the pressed powder on me. It also made my pores look a little larger than usual.

My Verdict

Like it's pressed powder friend, I think this is best reserved for people with oily skin.

Would I repurchase?

Not sure at the moment, as I like the pressed powder version more - less messy and less drying. However, if you have really oily skin, give this a try!

- Maybelline Mineral Powder Liquid Foundation in Light 1

Product Information

Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation with micro-minerals is a lightweight, luxurious liquid formula that provides a luminous, natural coverage. Discover the power of micro-minerals:

- Only our formula combines micro-minerals with a liquid in a lightweight texture for a healthier, more natural finish

- Naturally breathable, seamlessly blendable

- Provides buildable, even coverage

- Talc-Free

- Oil-free

- Fragrance-Free

- Non pore-clogging

- SPF 18 sunscreen

- Medium Coverage

My experience

I have not tried this yet, so I cannot comment on how it performs on my skin, however, I can comment on the bottle! It is squeezable matte plastic and very small - cute looking!

K says she has tried this foundation and finds it too watery. She does not like it and will not be repurchasing. I have wanted to try this out for a while now though and decided to purchase it anyway, after all we have different types of skin, so maybe I will like it!

From Price Attack:

- Designer Brands Fruity Lips in 829 Peach

I got this for free and K got one too! I have not tried this yet but it looks pretty!

It is shimmery and comes in a sqeezable plastic tube.

I also just wanted to do a quick review as well on my Tweezerman's stainless steel petite tweeze (TM) set in Gold, the Special Edition Pack. I first mentioned them in my haul here.

- I paid AU$43.00 but its RRP is a lot more, about AU$70.00+ I believe. Does anyone know the exact price? Comment below if you do!
- Too expensive for what it is... steel! But it is popular among Hollywood celebrities so I wanted to see what the fuss was about!

- They seem to perform like normal tweezers to me, but they work slightly better than normal ones do
- Having said that, these are too small for me... I like normal sized tweezers!
- I don't like the pointy tweezers... :( - It does not work for me and I will probably never be using these again... maybe to remove splinters it would be useful!

Would I be repurchasing?

Not this set, but I would like to try the normal sized version. :)

What brand of tweezers do you use?
Have you tried Tweezerman's tweezers yet?
What was your experience with them? Love or not?


Upcoming posts

- HAUL: The Makeup Mix Shop - E.L.F. items & black matte nail polish!

- More from our resident Male POV, Shaveage!

MALE POV: Natural beauty, does it still exist?

Hello peoples,

Your resident MALE POVer here. I am a humble person, but I have strong opinions (you can argue with me on here - in the comments section below).

Obviously, I don't think I represent the male point of view entirely by myself. But for myself I can say that I do believe in makeup, I think its the everyday woman's superpower. Its a super power that can be used for good or bad. It is entirely up to the person how they use it.
It is out of character for males to discuss makeup - with anyone - we rarely sit around talking about how good Emma's pink lip gloss looks. Guy talk is centered around, how hot you looked as a whole, or certain assets. That's as far as physical beauty is ever discussed. This is a short topic, and rarely discussed at length between my species. Guys like to treat everyone as guys. And guys don't typically have an overflowing makeup bag!

Sorry ladies - no matter how much effort you put into your make up, your are either HOT or NOT!

Now, onto the topic...


Natural beauty, does it still exist?

Beauty is a definition that is both unique and very personal. Since this blog is dedicated to the physical facet of beauty, it appears shallow. But what does a womans makeup really reveal? Specially about her character? Can we, us men, judge a lady by her looks? Is it appropriate for a 12 year old girl to look 30 and a 40 year old to look 20?

What do we, men, define as beauty, the effort a lady puts into her make up or to refer a term "what her momma gave her"?

I believe in natural beauty, I believe in makeup - obviously since I am writing for the blog - but I don't believe it can create beauty. Makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty. Isn't that what makeup really gives? A superpower to cast aside plain and boring and the ability accentuate natural beauty. So ladies, get enhancing the natural beauty. Everyone's beautiful, makeup just brings out the beauty.

I am getting off my soapbox now as I can ramble on for ages! Don't get my started on mascara!



Friday, February 12, 2010

COLLECTION: Lip Glosses, Lara's - Feb 2010

Hey O!

I love seeing other people's collections. So I have decided to share mine!

Here is my lipgloss collection as it is Feb 2010:

From left to right:
1 - Napoleion Perdis, Lip Laquer, Lolita Lane, 7mL
2 & 3 - Elizabeth Arden, High Shine Lip Gloss, Rose Pearl & Golden Nude, 5mL
4 & 5 - Clinique, long last glosswear spf15, air kiss & 03 knockout nude, 2.3mL
6, 7 & 8 - NYX, Round Girls Lipgloss, Sorbet, Whipped, Cafe Latte
9 - NYX, Mega Shine Lipgloss, Smokey look
10 - Maybelline, Superstay gloss, 103
11 - Covergirl, 205 Power Pink

I got them from:
1 - Birthday gift from best friend, K
2 & 3 - E/A's Blockbuster Collection 2009, MYER
4 & 5 - GWP, Gift With Purchase, MYER
6, 7, 8 & 9 - Cherry Culture
10 & 11 - Can't remember, ages ago, Coles Supermarkets I think!

I wore #10 on my wedding day!
I know compared to other beauty bloggers I have so little... count: 11...
and the lipgloss collections I've seen on Youtube... WOAH.. you cannot even count them! Youtube: makeup collections!

So, share with us your lipgloss collection!
What do you have? How many lipglosses do you own?

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HAUL & REVIEW: IQQU Skin Face Products - Advance Sunscreen, Acne Serum & Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub

Hey everyone!

So, Michelle Phan (pictured below) was on Youtube promoting her new beauty range IQQU.
Source: Lancome USA

I am ALWAYS up for trying new products,

so I jumped on the website and purchased the following:

The products, left to right:
Advance Sunscreen , Acne Serum & Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub.

All products state that they were made in Thailand.

- Small size, it's only 30mL

- I have not tested this product out because after I tried one of Shiseido's sunscreens I got a major allergic reaction - so many pimples popped up on my face! (I will review it in more depth at a later date.) So I am scared of trying anymore sunscreens at this point.

- So when I get the guts, I will try this out!
- The texture is creamy and doesn't seem oily - powder-ish


- 30mL

- It has a pleasant scent, not quite sure what it smells like... a mix of lavender & roses?
- Smooth texture
- Hygenic packaging
- I tried this over several days & I got allergic to it, so no no no... broke me out a bit
Jasmine Rice Bran Scrub

- 30g
- It smells very weird.... very off to me. I do not like the smell. Not really the rice smell I was expecting.
- It does not scratch the face when applied
- I got allergic to this too, more pimples for me :( boo

So, no luck with this line of products for me. :( I REALLY wanted to like it!

Here is Michelle on Youtube telling us she will be Lancome's Video makeup artist:

IQQU will be releasing a line of eyeshadows and makeup brushes in the future, and I look forward to what they look like. Might be tempted to buy some... we'll see!

Have you tried IQQU products yet?
Did you like them? Share with us!
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

TIP: Contact Lens Wearer? Save Money On Eye Drops!


Here's what I just discovered recently...
you know how there are special 'for contact lens wearers' eyedrops available?
Check if the same brand has a line for 'dryiness & irritation'.
Usually, there is no difference between these two products besides:
a) the label and
b) the price (with the 'for contact lense wearers' slightly more expensive)
So, if you can save a bit of money, if only by a few cents, why not?

Did you already know this tip?

What beauty-related tips do you do to save a bit of money?

Please share your knowledge oh-so wise one!


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HAUL: NYX, Cherry Culture & Tweezerman Tweezers

Hey-O all!

I just got my NYX haul from Cherry Culture in the mail today!
Here it is:
Here are the names and shades of the items I got.
This is the NYX Eyeshadow Base in 'Skin Tone', US$6.00 (excl. S&H):

NYX Round Lipsticks in 'Circe', US$1.75 (excl. S&H):

NYX Round Lipsticks in 'Frappucino', US$1.75 (excl. S&H):

Also, I got Tweezerman's stainless steel petite tweeze (TM) set in Gold,
the Special Edition Pack, from eBay in the mail. :)
It was AU$43.00 (including shipping & handling)
They are smaller than your average sized tweezer, which I did not know until got them! :(
Oh well, that's what you pay when you don't read descriptions properly...
I will do a review on this in a few days - stay tuned!

I love shopping online because you can get a great deal sometimes!

The thing that kills me is the waiting!

Luckily it did not take too long for these parcels to arrive!

Shopping online would still never replace shopping instore for me. I love being able to actually LOOK & FEEL the items then decide whether or not i want to purchase it, whereas online I am not always sure of what I'm getting!

What have you purchased online recently?

Do you prefer online or instore shopping?

Share your thoughts!


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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi there!

I am a working student who loves all things beauty related.

Want me to review a product for you?

E-mail me: puccaandgarufan (at) hotmail (dot) com

Please add me to you blog/website with the following image and link it to

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HAUL: E.L.F. & E.L.F Studio Makeup Brushes

Hey o!
This is a small E.L.F Makeup Brush haul I did at The Makeup Mix Shop about a month ago - quick shipping, considering it was coming from USA :-)
(am waiting on the E.L.F Studio Powder brush).

I ordered the following brushes:

E.L.F Studio Complexion brush

E.L.F Studio Blush brush

This E.L.F Professional Angle Eye Brush was sent as a FREE GIFT. Thank you Toma! :)
I was very surprised and very happy!

I also ordered the E.L.F Studio Angle Foundation Brush and have already done a review on that.

I will be doing reviews on these brushes soon as well, so look out for that!
Do you love your E.L.F. brushes?
Which ones are your faves?


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Monday, February 8, 2010

REVIEW: Essence of Beauty 6 Brush Travel Kit


Under US$20.00 off eBay

You can't get this brand here in Australia, so I had to get them off eBay.

In the states you can get them at CVS stores for US$10.00 I believe.

I had to pay almost double so I'm a bit sad about that, otherwise the price is alright for 6 travel brushes.



- Cute brushes, smaller than I expected but these ARE travel size
- The wooden handle looks artsy & I like how the brushes are labelled
- They came in the little pouch pictured above, which is reusable. :) Environmentally friendly!

- They do not feel super soft. They feel OKAY.

- I have not used them yet, nor have I washed them.

I will update on that later when I do begin to use them.

- I am not wowed... they feel a bit below average quality to me... we will see.

But this is MY FIRST IMPRESSION, as I just got them in the mail today!

Have you got any Essence of Beauty makeup brushes?

Do you like them? Which ones are your faves?


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REVIEW: E.L.F Studio Angled Foundation Brush

This is it:

- The brush looks simple and sleek
- Average-looking, nothing fancy
- I have NOT used this brush yet. I have washed it - no hairs shed and no dye came out. :)
- It feels soft & not prickly when I test it against my hand
- It looks decent enough... not your typical beige-hair-roundish foundation brush... we will see how this goes...



- US$3.00

- How much cheaper can you get for a foundation brush?

- I purchased this with my own money from

They offer free international shipping with all orders over US$40.00
I have more E.L.F. brushes to review... so keep a look out for them!
Have you tried E.L.F brushes yet? Which ones are your favourite?
Do you like the regular like more? Or the Studio line?

D.I.Y.: Eyebrow Groomers/Brushes - Recycle Your Mascaras Wands!

Hey o!

You don't need to buy eyebrow brushes/groomers anymore....

I reuse some of my mascara wands, after I have washed them, of course, as eyebrow groomers.

I find the old classic type ones work well for this

(Like the ones in my photo below), not the plastic ones (eg. Covergirl Lash Exact),

and the comb ones I can't seem to get clean either (eg. Shiseido Majolica Majorca mascaras).

Here are mine... (top: Covergirl, bottom, Revlon)

Have you tried this?

Do you have any other ways to recycle your mascaras or other makeup items?


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REVIEW: E.L.F. Studio Mineral Lipsticks - Rave by lollipop26 on YouTube

YouTube's lollipop26 ( does a Product Rave of 2 shades of the E.L.F. Mineral Lipsticks - Natural Nymph and Runway Pink.

Here's her on Youtube:

E.L.F. cosmetics can be purchased online at:

I really want to try these! And of course many other products from E.L.F.!
Sadly I don't have access to many E.L.F. products.
Does anyone know how I can get my hands on these lipsticks in Australia?
Are there any online stores that have a wide range of E.L.F .products that ship internationally, including Australia?
sells some E.L.F products but the selection is very limited.
They offer free international shipping for all purchased over US$40.00!
I purchased a few E.L.F Studio brushes from them last month, and I am waiting on one of the brushes. I will do a review of them soon!

PROJECT ALL PAN & REVIEW: Shiseido Hand Cream

So lollipop26 on YouTube created the Project 10 Pan thing... quest shall I say?

If you didn't know this is where you put yourself on a no-spend makeup ban until you finish all 10 makeup products - so it can be lipstick, eyeshadow, foundation, whatever. A lot of other Youtube makeup gurus have jumped on the bandwagan and joined lollipop26 on Project 10 Pan. Check out her blog for more details.

I've started me flexible version on it... Project All Pan! I have been on this since mid-December last year. It's not just makeup... I have included skincare and also haircare products! Also, I am allowed to purchase products, but I have to try and finish up all my other products! I've included toothpaste, toothbrushes, laundry powder and other personal consumble items that my husband and I use - just so that the tally is a little higher! ^_^
My Project All Pan tally for December 2009:
Full/Big Size Products: 22
Sample/Small Size Products: 19

My Project All Pan tally for January 2010:
Full/Big Size Products: 44
Sample/Small Size Products: 14

This is what I finished the other day, so I decided to do a review on it! :)
- I like the squeezable flip-top cap type of packaging so I like this, however it always seems to squirt out too much for my liking...
- Nice and simple, no fuss packaging



- Thick texture

-Lightly scented - pleasant and not overbearing

- Doesnt last very long on my hands

- Doesn't really help my dry hands too much - not 'nourishing' enough for me, I guess...



I believe this is about AU$30.00? Correct me if I'm wrong.

- A bit too pricey for a hand cream, but this is Shiseido.

- Not sure if it is worth it, will rethink about whether I would repurchase it or not. I like it but I don't LOVE it.

Here's what it says on the back:

Have you tried this hand cream yet? Do you like it?
What's your favourite hand cream?