Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen Spray Review

So this is part of Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer Sunscreen line that was launched this year I believe.
I like that it is easy application, but there is a SLIGHT sticky feeling post-application. NOT uncomfortable, but it is something I notice.
I recommend this for people who are lazy to apply sunscreen ahaha!
The one I have pictured is the SPF15 version. There is a SPF30 version as well that I have tried, but it expired and I never finished it! :( I got his in a goody bag from Priceline where you purchase a lot of stuff and you get this for like $30 or something!
NO allergic reaction to this suncreen, which is great! :)
EASY - AS application.
BUT, I must say, I am afraid of the sunscreen getting everywhere, so maybe not best to apply on carpet!
Have you tried this?
What are your thoughts?

Lara xo

NOTD: Cute Yummy-Looking Stripes? Yes Please!!

Hey everyone!

This was on my nails last week! LOVES IT! I got sooo many compliments on it! :D
I used OPI's Sparrow Me the Drama, OPI Mermaid's Tears, and China Glaze's Snow.
Took a while but totally worth it! LOVE!! It's my first manicure with this type of nail design - I have usually only been into doing one colour over the whole nail, but after this, i look forward to being more creative in the future!!
NOTD ATM: Chanel's Rouge Fatal
Pics & Swatches + Reviewed previously here: http://fortheloveofbeautybylara.blogspot.com/2011/06/chanel-487-rouge-fatal-swatches-review.html
I think it looks better with 3 coats (which is what I have on now!)
What do you think of the stripey NOTD?
Lara xo


Monday, September 26, 2011


Hi guys!

How is September treating you?

Current NOTD comes from OPI's latest collection - Touring America!

My fave of the collection!

Applies smoothly & opaque in 2 coats! Looks black on the nails though!! Which is kind of a bummer, but you can expect that I guess.
The name indicates it may be blue, it looks purple in the bottle && on the nail looks black lol!
If you look really closely, there is the TINIEST HINT OF BLUEY-PURPLE!

I still like it though!

It wears pretty well for a dark-coloured nail polish - lasted me for about 3 days before showing minor tip wear, on the fourth day, you could still get away with it! I'm tempted to take it off & reapply! But I have SOOOO many other nail polishes to try in my stash!!

What do you think of OPI RHB?

Lara xo

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Cute Much?? - Fashionable Ear Warmers!!

Sooooo cute, right??

I waited for these to go on sale and got them from Sportsgirl for under $10!! Score!! =)

Have yet to wear them lol!!

How do you keep your ears fashionably warm?

Lara xo

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What the Samsung wave can do!!

Lol!! How awesome is that? If you saw my other post I posted the other day, Samsung has this "edit" feature on photos!!

Very cool indeed!

I know the iPhone has a bunch of apps that rival Photoshop so I guess this is nothing... But still!! I can do a few other things too! Like make it black and white, and add text!!

Ahhh the little things in life! =D

Does your mobile phone do this?

Lara xo

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron honey & coriandar hand therapy - hand cream review

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron honey & coriandar hand therapy

Where can you get it from?David Jones

What size did I try?25g

Smell?Refreshingly, unisex, citricy, pleasant & with no hints of floral fragrancing!

Do I recommend it?I am not sure how much this runs for, but I do like it overall as a good nourishing handcream. The price would be on the higher side I believe, so I'd recommend it as a splurge or as an occasional use hand cream. For everyday long term use, unless you had the money to spend, there are cheaper alternatives.

- 1 for the anticipated pricing, but it is really a nice, moisturising hand cream with a pleasant unisex scent that is a joy to use. The scent may be a bit TOO heavy for some, and too heavy for regular use, so this is also considered in the rating!

What hand cream are you using at the moment? Do you like it?

Lara xo

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

NEW ESSIE Nail Polish Shades - Links

Want a sneak peak at Essie's upcoming collections?

Picture belongs to Temptalia

The Winter 2011 - COCKTAIL BLING (pictured above! There are a few swatches here!! Essie A List here! Essie Cocktail Bling here!), the Holiday 2011 - LUXEFFECTS and another collection for 2011... DIVE BAR!

All Laquered Up has bottle pics! & a sneak peak at Essie School of Hard Rocks!!

Check it out HERE! Temptalia has bottle pics too!! HERE!

Fave toothpaste!

I have gone through soooo many tubes of this!!
Fave ever because I have sensitive teeth!

The Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Whitening toothpaste is more expensive than your usual toothpaste but I rarely get tooth aches now so it's worth it!

Plus it is suppose to be whitening =D

What is your fave toothpaste?

Lara xo

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Ice-creams on my nails??

Lol!! Cool right?? =)

Noooo they are not stickers!! Did it on my phone! =D

Shade: Essie Too Too Hot
2 coats
Sorry about the minor tip wear! I loooove this shade! Before OPI Red My Fortune Cookie I never thought I would like red nail polish!! Guess what? This Essie TTH is a dupe of OPI RMFC!! =D Except it wears better on me! =D wooot!!

What is your fave nail polish color?

Lara xo

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I accidently screen captured this on my mobile last month and I have not been able to do it again!! ><!!!! Does anyone know how to screen capture for Samsung mobile?

It looks like Italy!! Just one of those pics that came with the phone lol!

I would love to go to Italy!! Have you been?

Lara xo

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Friday, September 16, 2011

My fave deodorant!!

Hi everyone!!

I know I have not been posting as regularly as I used to! I am so sorry! I have been truly busy with uni... && then I had technical difficulties lol!!

I will be blogging much more frequently now that I can do it from my phone!! =) Awesomeness!! =)

Anyways, as the weather is getting warmer here in Australia it means we will sweat! My fave deodorant is....

The Nivea extra whitening 24hr extra care a-p!

I use it all year round! Because yes, people can sweat in winter too!!


It losing .5 a mark because it transfers to clothing, esp. Black clothing! Not a good look!!!!

Why do I like it?
I like that the smell is not strong, the application is easy && not wet, one of these lasts forever!! && I am not allergic to it!

Where did I purchase it from?

Do I recommend to others?
Yes! I am not sure about the whitening effects, but in general it is a good deodorant!

What deodorant is your fave at the moment?

Lara xo

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My lip products stash - storage

Hi everyone!

Can you believe it is the middle of September already? Time truly does fly so quickly!! We'd need to grow wings if we want to catch up!! Lol!!

This is a pic of how my lip products are kept at the moment! && yes, I did not tidy it up before pics!! That is not all if my collection... I have some in my bag, pencil case, on the table... && some backups away in storage!!

What do I use for storage?
That black box you see in the pic is a iPhone 3GS box!

How do you store your lip products?

Lara xo

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Current fave lipgloss = Bloom lipgloss in...


No shimmers.

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My jewellery storage

Future stash pics coming soon!!

How do you store your stash?

Lara xo

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Leopard print blazer!!

Purchased the other day from Sportsgirl!! Loves!!!!

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Notd: Essie Too Too Hot

2 coats

It is love!!!!

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Half of my scarf collection!!

I have two drawers of scarves! This is one of them! =)

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