Friday, September 16, 2011

My fave deodorant!!

Hi everyone!!

I know I have not been posting as regularly as I used to! I am so sorry! I have been truly busy with uni... && then I had technical difficulties lol!!

I will be blogging much more frequently now that I can do it from my phone!! =) Awesomeness!! =)

Anyways, as the weather is getting warmer here in Australia it means we will sweat! My fave deodorant is....

The Nivea extra whitening 24hr extra care a-p!

I use it all year round! Because yes, people can sweat in winter too!!


It losing .5 a mark because it transfers to clothing, esp. Black clothing! Not a good look!!!!

Why do I like it?
I like that the smell is not strong, the application is easy && not wet, one of these lasts forever!! && I am not allergic to it!

Where did I purchase it from?

Do I recommend to others?
Yes! I am not sure about the whitening effects, but in general it is a good deodorant!

What deodorant is your fave at the moment?

Lara xo

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