Monday, April 30, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polishes Preview - New 2012 Nail Varnishes!

Hey guys!

I am looking forward to this collection coming out soon from Essie! 

Left to right, the shade names are: 
No Place Like Chrome, Blue Rhapsody, Nothing Else Metals, Good As Gold, Penny Talk

Can't wait!!

Lara xo

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Discount Code: Sigma Makeup. For April 2012

Hey everyone!

What's with the new lay out of Blogger? Looks different... have to get used to it!

Sigma has a new discount code out...
This is for April 2012 only!
Enter APRIL2012 to get 10% off your whole order!
Also, all orders over $30 gets a free brush!

Will you be ordering anything?
I am still contemplating... it is so tempting!!

Lara xo

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I have a Facebook page now! :D

Hey guys!

I have a Facebook page now... HERE!

Please like it to get updates and what not in the future!

Random pic:

Thank you,

Lara xo

Too much Gloria Jeans?

What have you been chowing? :)

Lara xo

Thai Food = Yum!!

The deep fried icecream is SOOOO YUMMY! Love!! THE best I have ever had!! I have been craving it ever since!!

Do you like Thai food?

Lara xo

Camwhoring with Sherry and Huge As Gold Lindt Bunny!!

Obviously taken around Easter!!

Nails: OPI Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection

What did you guys do for Easter?

Lara xo

Some fun shots at the park

Hey everyone!

Here are some shots that were taken at the park with a friend of mine, Anthony.
He does photography as a hobby and here I am trying to model again....

The Spectre Hunt Photoshoot

My fave is definitely the last one! It looks like it came out of a horror movie!
Which one did you guys like? :)

Lara xo

Christian Dior Forget-Me-Not Spring nail polish - swatches

How is everyone? :)

I recently got these two lovely nail polishes....

Christian Dior Forget-Me-Not - left, and Christian Dior Waterlily - left (OMG LOVE!!!!! Forgot to take photos, but will give you guys swatches soon :))

Just painted them yesterday! :D
I really like the colour more than I thought I would for sure! I was expecting a granny type of purple which isn't really my thing lol, but it was limited edition and I thought what the heck I need a purple!!, but it's a muted bright purple and I really really like it! :D

Two coats + top coat:


This is my first Christian Dior nail polish and I hope it is not the last! :D
The scent of the nail polish in this collection is lovely, and an added bonus! Flowers? I think the scent is! But I keep smelling my nails! It smells even through the top coat when dry! Amazing! :D

What's on your nails at the moment?

Lara xo