Monday, January 10, 2011

Estee Lauder Men's Fragrances - Intuition & Pleasures Review

Lauder Intuition For Men Cologne Spray/Eau De Toilette

Made in Switzerland

Shown here is the 100mL

Intuition for men is...
- very long lasting
- smells very manly and strong.

The bottle is a bit awkard and too simple - they could have done a better job with the design
Yes if you like strong manly scents that lasts a long time!
Lauder Pleasures for Men Cologne Spray
Made in Switzerland
Shown here is the 50mL bottle

Pleasures for men is...
- softer than Intuition for men though still recognisably a men's scent
- very attractive scent (I'm a female!)

- Again with the design - too simple... does not blow my mind! Simple though which is nice & I like it more then Intuition!

Yes - more so than Intuition for men - still lasts as long but it is more subtle and sexy!

What are your fave men's fragrances?

Lara xo

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