Saturday, January 22, 2011

Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise EDP Review

Pictured here is the 50mL I am currently using...

I've actually used up a bottle of this in the 30mL. This is another bottle!
I remember using this fragrance straight for like a year? Maybe more... until the 50mL bottle ran out! How long does it take to use one up? I need to find out ahhaha...

Anyways, I remember liking it really but now I find the smell a bit overwelming.

Info from the official website

Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise

Eau de Parfum Spray

30mL AU$85
50mL AU$110
100mL AU$150

Lush Floral

Radiant, Rare, Intriguing


A fragrance intoxication of the senses.

Estée Lauder Beyond Paradise transports you to a perfect world of optimism and wonder. The scent unfolds on your skin with a fascinating blend of tropical wetness, zesty freshness and bursting floralcy.

Fragrance Type: Prismatic Floral

Top Notes
Eden's Mist
Blue Hyacinth
Orange Flower Templar
Jabuticaba Fruit

 Middle Notes
 Laelia Orchid
 Crepe Jasmin
 Mahonia Japonica
 Pink Honeysuckle

  Base Notes
 Natal Plum Blossoms
 Ambrette Seed
 Zebrano Wood
 Golden Melaleuca Bark

Would I repurchase?
Not sure.

How did you like this perfume?
Have you smelt the men's one? It smelled good, but very similar to this one! Not too masculine!
Lara xo 


  1. I really really adore this scent. It's beautiful. It's like a symphony of florals. I had a small 30ml bottle too but haven't repurchased. What do you wear now that it has run out ?

  2. Hey Mookxi!

    I'm using a 50mL bottle now that my 30mL has run out but today I used Ralph Lauren's Romance for the first time since I bought the bottle. :D

    What have you been using?

    Lara xo


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