Saturday, January 8, 2011

Travalo Perfume Atomiser - Haul, Pics & Review!

I purchased these online because I heard of them from Youtube! :) Andrea's Choice has some videos up about these on her Youtube channel!
I didn't know you could get them at The Perfume Connection for about AU$25.00!

So... I got them from eBay. They came here from England I believe!

I got all the colours available - though they were priced slightly differently! Weird, right?

So I got the pink and silver for myself...

and the gold and black as a gift:

So mine are here... I have filled them already! :)

You fill them up using the bottle of the tube:

It is a spray:

This shows you how to use the Travalo:

The back of the Travalo:

What did I put in my Travalos?

Chanel Coco Madmoiselle EDP



Lancome Miracle


How do I like the Travalo?
Love! You don't need to go pouring or spraying perfume into the thing! It is small and compact - about the size of your thumb - maybe a bit bigger! lol!

Overall rating?
4/5 - it sprays a bit too much when using, and sometimes not enough, but otherwise it is an excellent product!

Would I repurchase?

Do you have a perfume atomiser? Do you like it?

Lara xo

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