Monday, January 3, 2011

Perfume/Fragrance Atomisers & The Body Shop Sprays Review

I never really bothered wearing fragrance that much because I just don't have the time. And the fragrance doesn't seem to last all day either.

I really wanted something small and compact to bring with me in case I needed a quick spritz as a pick me up or if I forgot to put fragrance on that day!

Pics of these CUTE atomisers/atomizers I picked up at The Perfume Connection:

They are sprays:

You unscrew the bottom & pour/spray your perfume in it!

What did I put in mine?

How did I like the atomizers?
Love the packaging! They are about 10mL each so they are compact & small.
The cons - if you are pouring fragrance in, the salesperson says "you just spray your perfume into the tube until you have enough". Umm... no thank you... how long will that take? I bought them because I was going to use... TBS Morocan Rose & Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mists in them!

Have I used the atomisers yet?
Nope... and I bought them before Christmas!
I just haven't been anywhere, but when I'm out & about I think I'll bring them with me!

TBS Morocan Rose Body Mist
I didn't really like this smell that much until I used it yesterday! Prior to that I had used it a handful of times but just never really liked the musky smell. Now I do like it! :)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

TBS Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist
Love at first sniff! Fresh, feminine & young-feeling! lol

Overall Rating: 5/5

What are your fave body mists?
I'd love to try Victoria Secrets'! But I don't think they are available in Australia?

Lara xo


  1. I love the packaging of the atomizers! I need one and more to give as gifts, hehe.

  2. Me too!! Very cute!! :D

    They look like they will last a while too, though I think the bottle thing is made out of glass, I don't think it will break if I drop it though!

    Yea - they would make great gifts - there are plain ones you could give to guys & these flowery more feminine ones for females! :)

    Lara xo


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