Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How much is too much... when it comes to beauty products?

I seem to have collected quite a few beauty items - this means... makeup, skincare products, hair products, nail products ra ra ra...  and it has come to my attention that I may not be able to use them all because they "expire" (When Does Makeup Expire?) Have you ever come to that realisation?

I seem to just buy and buy... is it because I am afriad I will run out of product? Is it because they look so pretty to collect? Is it because of both? I have been getting a lot better ahha... I mean I do use the products... I just get allergic to some... and then I give it to my mother... who seems to be allergic to NOTHING (except Shiseido's White Lucent Line)!

I've been trying to convince myself that all the products I have I will never be able to use up soon... so I need to stop buying and to try more using... could that be made into a catchy slogan?

Buy less... use more??

I blame this on consumerism..... haha... you know... product marketing making it look like I need to buy things when I realy don't!

Anyways... as I have said I am getting better... lol... the last few years I've been cutting back on spending and what not... at one stage my husband had more perfumes than me! So yeay! But then again guys don't have that many beauty products do they?

First of all... when was the last time I used up a tube of lipstick? Yes, used up as in used the whole darn thing up? A couple years ago about a year or so after being married to my husband that I first discoverd makeup... it was AVON lipstick in sheer buff! Loved the lipstick! :D So that was a few years ago now... never used up another lipstick since!

So... I need to stop buying:
- lipsticks (have way too many...)
- eyeshadows (never seem to use them... how many uni students front a full face of makeup to uni everyday? hmmm? not aye!!)
- perfumes (I recently purchased some so no need to buy for a while!)

Umm.. I no longer use foundation so I don't purchase that anymore... that saves a lot of hassle! ^^ So hard to find a foundation that is awesome (product & packaging) that doesn't break me out!


Nail polish! I have way too many... I need to blog about them hahah... NOTD! I give so many to my mother because some colours just don't suit me! My mother swears she never needs to buy anymore nail polish... or lipsticks (last night I gave her my MAC Viva Glam Gaga lipstick, a few weeks earlier I gave her my Rimmel Airy Fairy lipstick), perfume (yesterday... I gave her 2 100mL bottles of Lancome's Miracle EDP not to mention countless others before that!) ... and other beauty products for the rest of her life because of me! lol! Bet she's glad she had a girl! LOL!

This shows how wasteful I am! :( I am glad I have a mother who appriciates beauty products though! OTherwise it would be a REAL waste!

What do you do with products you no longer use? I give them to my mother, and if she doesn't want them I post them on MUA. My past swap can be seen here and here on this blog.

What products do you no longer purchase? Or don't purchase and why? Maybe it can help cut down my spending too! ^^

Lara xo


  1. I have the SAME issue girl. I buy 'back ups' of my favourite items but it takes me AGES to get to that back up!

    I havent used up a whole tube of lipstick OR lipgloss yet. LOL.

    Though, I have used up foundations and perfumes. And I have hit pan on a couple blushes.. ( I have an obsession for blushes..)

    Maybe we should do a project 10 pan or something..? It's gonna take me a looong time to hit pan on a product because I enjoy using different shades every day.. (I know, its bad)

    But so far, except for one bourjois lipgloss, I havent yet seen my products look off (expire).. My gel eyeliner has gone dry but thats about it.


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