Monday, February 28, 2011

Shiseido Ultimate Cleansing Oil Review

For Face & Body


Here is the bottle...

Here is the back....

Made in Japan

Quite like the pump dispenser, however i find you cannot control how much you pump out - and you may get too little or too much

I find it DOES get rid of my makeup and clean my skin... however I am not a fan of the oily feeling.... and have to wash my face with cleanser again!

Do I think it is necessary to include an oil cleanser in my skincare routine?
I rarely wear much makeup so... I have had this bottle for ages.... and I don't like to use it because of the oily-ness! So, for me personally, no, but if you wear a full face of makeup I think it would be great.

Does it remove eye-makeup?
Yes, it does an alright job, But I still recommend using a seperate eye makeup remover before or after using the cleansing oil.

Will I re-purchase?

Do you use cleansing oils?

Lara xo


  1. Sorry to hear that this is too oily for you babe!
    I'm currently testing out Biore makeup cleansing oil. I just started using it for a week now. A review coming up :) Before this I used cleansing wipes (so convenient)!

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting! I replied on your blog hun. :)


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