Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lancome Miracle EDP Review

This is the 100mL bottle

- it is very florally, fresh and feminine
- if the liquid in your bottle is not light pink, it is off! You have either gotten an old product that is no longer fresh or you have had yours for too long and this means that if you continue to use it the product would not last as long on your skin as it used too.

- I have since given this bottle ( and two other ones... my bad for buying back ups! No more I say!) to my mother... why?

- At first I found this worked well with my skin chemistry - it was lovely, fresh and suited my mood for the spring

- Now, when I spray it on I have a slight headache, the smell doesn't smell like it used to (and this is within 6 months of usage, the expiry date of perfumes is generally 2 - 3 years from opening date). Have this happened to anyone else?

Who would I recommend this fragrance for?
People who like florals

Would I repurchase?

Overall Rating
3.5 (Average with great lasting power - the next day you can still smell the scent on your clothes!)

What's your fave summer/spring fragrance? Or do you wear the same fragrance all year round?

Lara xo


  1. Aww, sorry to hear that you get headaches from Miracle! I love this scent coz its floral and I love floral scents.. Hmm.. My Miracle hasn't gone off yet but I will definitely keep that in mind!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Hey popblush!

    We seem to share a lot of beauty products! ^^

    yea - I loved Miracle too! But somehow mine doesn't smell right on my anymore & the headaches! I get compliments on it though! :D I am sure u do too!!

    No problems! :D

    happy to share!

  3. Hello fellow Australian!

    I loved this scent! And after my second bottle I thought I had had enough!

    Im following you now and love if you'd return the favour!

    For product reviews, beauty tips and more check out

  4. hey artist by design!

    fellow aussie! :)

    thanks for following
    i replied on ur blog :) & am returning the favour!


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