Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fashion Haul - Shoes!! :D

I purchased some shoes recently...

Joanne Mercer black heels
In love!!!! Haven't worn them though but love love! <3

Sportsgirl bronze flats
I purchased these to wear to uni... :D

Rubi denim shoes
 My husband said these looked like guy shoes and didn't want me to buy them... haha but when I went shopping with a friend I bought them lol!

Novo Flats
- these are made out of fabric - when it rained my feet were so wet hahaa!!
- these hurt my feet when I first wore them... I think they need to be broken in...

What have your shoe purchases been lately? :D

Lara xo


  1. Those black heels are hot!!
    And I like those NOVO flats, but too bad they hurt your feet :( maybe they just need to be worn more and made soft..

  2. Hey!

    Thank u! :)
    yea - I hope so re. the NOVO flats! I will try to wear them more! :)

    Lara xo


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