Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Victoria's Secret Discount Code 2011!

The discount code is for the Victoria's Secret US website:

The code that is currently valid is:


You get...

$15 off $100
$30 off $150
$75 off $250

Look out for a future VS haul! :D

Lara xo


  1. Babe, I got the Missha false eyelashes from the Missha shop at QVB in the CBD. Have you been to that store?

  2. hey!

    thanks! but noo I haven't I dont live in the same state as u! :(

  3. :( oh no.. Umm they have a website but not sure if u can buy online..
    Yeah i was obsessed with inglot shadows for a while now. Do you have an Inglot store near u?

  4. hey popblush!

    - i replied on ur blog! :)
    I have like 2 Inglot stores in my state - & I live near none of them! -_-
    just my luck! lol!


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