Thursday, February 24, 2011

Victoria's Secret Beauty Haul - No. 1

Part 1 of my haul! I have a part 2 coming up! :D

I purchased these from the Victoria's Secret website

I used the discount code I posted here!

PINK hand & body creams
- warm & cosy
- sweet & flirty
- lovely & true

200mL each

Body Creams
- Room 504
- Wild at Heart

200mL each

Secret Garden Body Lotions
- Love Spell (Special Limited Edition Packaging)
- Pear Glace
- Endless Love
- Lost in Fantasy

250mL each

What was the last beauty product you purchased?

What's your fave product from VS?

Lara xo


  1. hi lara! thanks so much for visiting me :) you got so much great stuff from VS.. i love their lotions they smell so yummy!

    and hahaha you've alreay seen all the beauty products i just got!! tehe

    i'm following you now would love for you to follow me back!

  2. I am interested in how the body and hand creams smell~ I haven't used any VS products :(
    Where did you purchase these?

    Project All pan? How does that work babe?

  3. hey lisa!

    Thanks for leaving a comment & following, sweetie!

    i followed back! :)


    Hey Popblush!

    Re VS hand & body creams - They all smell different! lol! I will do reviews on them in the future! :D I purchased these online - in an earlier post I posted the discount codes - you can still use them now! :) I should link it in the post! ^^

    Project all pan.... I will comment on ur blog! :D

    Lara xo

  4. Oh! I thought those discount codes were only for the U.S (silly me, lack of sleep these days :( haha) How long did shipping take?

    Project All Pan sounds pretty good and flexible. For me, I have so many unused makeup products to use I probably need a more strict and intense regime. But I probably wont stick to it. haha

    Yeah, I will be doing a brush review in the near future. But yeah, the lancome powder brush is great quality :)

  5. Im on the VS website now and they have the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit! Ive wanted to try that for ages.. I'm excited! hehe :P

  6. Hi hi :) <3 your VS haul! I really like their lotions. They smell sooo good.

    (Thanks for visiting my blog! =)

  7. popblush

    - re. the too faced natural eye kit - i noo & from what I remember the price isnt bad too! :D Youtube has made me excited & wanting that! lol

    Shop n chomp

    - thanks & ur wc :D

  8. I know, what's with the shipping? I saw it was about $30? I was looking at the limited edition VS face powder- the one with a body and a ribbon?(bad explanation). It was about $16 so it wasn't too bad :)

    Yeah, Target in Sydney carry a Cosmetica stand.. Some of their brushes are pretty good and affordable, especially when sales are on :D

  9. I went to VS several times in Hawaii but didn't really look at the beauty/skincare products !! Haha, I was too distracted by the sexy lingerie. Really, I'd have to say their underwear is my favourite from VS ;-b

    Tell me how it goes as you use them ;-)

  10. ooh great collection of lotions! they always smell so great! i have a highlighter compact that i bought from them awhile ago that i just love!
    thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    Beauty Bag 411

  11. Popblush - I know... the Shipping for VS is a bit much isnt it? But it IS international! lol sounds cute! Yea, the prices for the products are quite reasonable hey?

    Mookxi - replied on ur blog :)

    Liana - thanks! ah, nice to hear their makeup is good! :D No probs!


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