Saturday, February 26, 2011

Victoria's Secret Beauty Haul - No. 2

Part 2 of my VS haul! Part 1 is here!

I used the discount code here!

I got more hand & body creams!
I will review them as I use them! :D
I have tried & tested & smelled most of them ahahaha can't resist! They smell nice!
I bought a back up of 'Love Spell' that I have hauled before, because I like the scent! :D

Endless Love & Amber Romance
200mL each

Secret Charm & Lost In Fantasy
200ml each

Ravishing Love & Love Spell
200mL each

What products do you recommend from VS?

Lara xo


  1. Oh... and I have one more body cream from VS that is back ordered... so when I get that I will post it up in another post! :D

  2. Ooh thanks for sharing hun!
    Did you put in two separate orders?
    I love sweet and fruity scented handcreams!
    Cant wait for the reviews!

    Oh, and sorry to hear the All About Glo product broke out on you :( do they still produce it in your state? Coz I think its discontinued here? not sure..

  3. I use the shimmer powders in their makeup. I think it's called all over shimmer, but they work really well and add a perfect glow. I know a couple makeup artists that use them-there are two colors-Candygirl that is pink and a bronze color. They last forever

  4. Popblush -
    no probs! no - i only put in one order! but wen i took pics of these it didnt show up ahha so i posted the other ones first! lol
    I thought that the Afterglow was discon. here, but it isnt! :D
    lovely product - wish it worked for me cuz it looks awesome on my mom! People think she's 10 yrs younger than she is! lol

    Dale -
    I replied on ur blog :)


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