Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rainy Days & Blog Giveaways!

Hi all!

It's raining, gloomy, storming, thundering and there's lightning!

It's still crazy hot though... like 30 degrees inside the house!

Anyways... who doesn't love giveaways?

Here are two I found out about today:

Shantea Mac has a giveaway now. Look at the totally cool prizes below! Have a look and enter! It costs you nothing! ^^

ARES has one going on as well - check it out!

Awesome giveaway right? :)

I don't have much luck with giveaways but eh... no harm trying! :)

How are you guys going?

Lara xo


  1. Hi Lara! How are you? Thanks for the comment, sadly I no longer have the baby bunny :( but I do miss it!


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