Monday, December 20, 2010

Giveaway by Mookxi!

Hi all!

The lovely Mookxi is having a giveaway not that is open until January so check it out! It is international as well! :) Woot! :D

You need to answer a few questions for the giveaway... here is what I answered for the last two:

What are the three important things that everyone should know about you ?
1) I am a night owl! I like staying awake at night!
2) I go through phases of obessions about things (eg. now I am going through a nail polish phase!)
3) I hate excerise!

Share an important life lesson/tip you have learnt. It can be meaningful, or silly. Whatever you'd like to share ;-)
Things happen for a reason because no matter what, you are always better off today than you were yesterday! :)

Good luck everyone!

Lara xo

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