Thursday, December 30, 2010

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Makeup Remover Review

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for lids, lashes and lips Review:

How many times can I say ouuuuchhh?

OMG... it hurt my eyes lip hell! -_-

Here's the sample I got as a GWP:

"Allergy Tesed. 100% Fragrance Free"

It means nothing to me!

Stings & hurts...

I'm allegic to Clinque's blushes too but I thought this brand would be good for people with sensitive skin?

Oh... and the sunscreen that I heard so many raves about? Yea.. allergic to that too -_-

The back:

As you can see here it I have used it and it's one of those dual phase makeup removers:

Have you tried this? Did you like it?

Lara xo


  1. oh dear, Im so glad I read this post of yours because I was going to purchase this!! At the moment at Myer, Clinique is giving away gifts, and because I need an eye makeup remover, I was going to get this because the SA was recommending it to me. Hmm lucky I didnt because my eyes are super sensitive!

  2. yea - not recommened for super sensitive eyes! hahaha... like normal skin I think! Ohhh I didnt no they were haveing GWP atm! cool! :D

  3. My mom used it a couple of days ago and her eyes were burning and itching from it. She bought eyedrops which she said seemed to help take away the burn and itch but she's woken up every morning with her eyes practically sealed shut and they are red-rimmed especially near her tear ducts. And she doesn't know what else she can do because she can't afford a doctor.

  4. Anonymous - oh my, so sorry to hear. I hope she is recovering. Yea - these stung my eyes big time too! Luckly I washed it off as soon as I felt it sting! Your poor mother! :( I hope she has seen a doctor if her condition doesn't get any better, but hopefully she's recovered now!


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