Thursday, December 16, 2010

CHANEL Lipstick Like Maybe Love - Rouge Allure 78 Instinctive

After much deliberation I gave in and decided to purchase my first Chanel lipstick...

The Rouge Allure 78 Instinctive

- pigmented
- lovely scent - not overpowering
- sleek packaging
- The lipstick has some weight to it (but other Chanel lip products do too, i know! But just saying!)
- Not much product
- The price... but it is Chanel...
I really like it but I am not sure I love it yet because I have not used it much... so it's a like maybe love!
Even just looking at it was worth the price though! ;)
What's your first Chanel lipstick? Do you love it?
Lara xo


  1. I haven't tried their lipsticks but their rouge laque are amazing so I'm confident that the lipsticks are just as good. I'd love to see swatches on the skin, on your lips, or both.

  2. Hi Pang! :)

    Ouuu I must check out the Rouge Laque then!

    I will post & update swatches of my lipsticks & glosses soon! :) It's just I've been taking photos with my iPhone & its so hard to get it to focus right - I think I've got it now! ^^

    Lara xo


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