Thursday, December 30, 2010

MOR Perfume Oils - SWEET! ^^

I got this as a Christmas gift from a good friend of mine, Mel! Thank you!

We went shopping together & when I saw the packaging in David Jones I was like ooooouuuu hahah and I started looking at the Lychee one (the pink one on the RHS) and she decided to get it as a Christmas present for me! :)

They also have handcreams in these scents as well, but I wanted these perfume oils more! :)

Here is the packaging:

They were AU$19.95 each, but they had a 20% or 30% sale that day! :)
So it was cheaper!

Here's what they look like:
The one on the left is BELLADONNA and the one of the right is LYCHEE FLOWER:

So, the caps:

The Lychee one:

The Bella one:

Another look at the caps/lids:

Adorable packaging!

I have never tried this brand before - this are my first things from them and I LURVE the packaging if you can't tell! ;)

The Lychee one smelled a bit like watermelon at first - that's what I thought when I smelled the tester anyways! haha but after a while ya... more like lychee haha but like a lychee floral - smells girly!

The Bella one is more floraly than the Lychee and less sweet.

Would I repurchase?

It's a rollerball not a spray.

Have you tried MOR before? Yay or nay?

Lara xo


  1. OMG the packaging and the bottle is absolutely gorgeous♥ Sooooo cute! I'm not really into florals, so I would definitely go for the lychee flower :)


  2. I know!! Sooo cute! ^^
    The lychee smells yummy! :)



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