Saturday, December 18, 2010

Michelle Phan Interview on Thai Live Show - WoodyMorning 17Nov10 2/3

Here is Michelle Phan doing an interview/press thing on a Thai Live Show and she shows how to use her IQQU's Advance sunscreen (in the new packaging), she shows how to redifine eyebrows, apply eyeliner and mascara.

She shows her business card trick using Lancome's mascara. It looks like Hypnose!  She uses Lancome's powder compact as a mirror as well (probably because she is sponsered by them) so you get to see these products in action!

What did you guys think?

Lara xo


  1. I haven't seen many videos by Michelle but from the ones I have, she seems to be a very creative person ! Very sweet too. She's not my favourite make up artist on youtube though ! My favourite is Gossmakeupartist - know him ? I like him because he provides so much factual information about products and I really feel like I'm learning from him. He's also very honest and isn't sponsored by major cosmetic companies unlike many youtubers out there. I kind of feel like I have to be on my guard sometimes with reviews with MUA because I know that they're not necessarily motivated by totally passion. What do you think ? ;-o

    Thanks for sharing ;-)

  2. Hey there!

    Thank you for stopping by! :)

    As I have said in a comment I left on your blog, I agree that Michelle Phan is very creative when it comes to her makeup looks!

    I have heard of Gossmakeupartist! He is good! And not many guys would be willing to put makeup on themselves and show the world! :)

    I too feel I need to be on my guard with some reviews on Youtube (MUA not so much because I think it is more peer reviewed!) because they may be hiding things they don't like about the product!

    You're welcome! :) Happy to share!


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