Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Victoria's Secret Pear Glace Hydrating Body Lotion

Made in USA

The bottle...

Fragrance: Pear Nectar, Cassis & Violet

- light weight lotion
- the smell lasts for a few hours on my skin
- not so sure I'm loving this scent so much on me personally but it is a nice not-to-sweet scent that could be decribed as not to girly
- packaging is plastic & user-friendly
- can definately smell the pears lol! I'm not sure I want to smell like fruit all day though.... maybe strawberries hahah but not pears! -_-

Would I repurchase this particular scent?
No. I want to try others because I am not too thrilled about this one! It is OKAY, but not WOW!

What's your fave VS scent?

Lara xo

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