Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victoria's Secret Berry Kiss EDT Review

Here is the bottle...

- 30mL
- Made in USA

- nice small simple packaging
- lightweight
- travel friendly

- berry-licious scent!
- smells very very berry
- doesn't last very long on me but it is an EDT (I guessimate that it lasts about an hour on me, but different skins it would last differently!)

Where did I purchase mine? And how much was it?
Singapore International Airport! I was really happy to see that they had VS! The price I paid was about SG$20.00.

Would I repurchase?
Hmm... I LOVE THE SCENT for its berry-ness but I think I like it more as a body cream (will do a review on that soon so stay tuned!) rather than a fragrance! So, no I would not repurchase.

For an everyday fragrance it is ideal because it is relatively inexpensive (check out their website here, however I do not see this particular scent, they have others in their line though) but it is a bit too fruity for me. I am more into florals. It is a bit different and not something I have smelled on other people ever before!

What's your fave VS scent? What do you like purchasing from VS?

Lara xo


  1. Thanks for the review!

  2. I still have yet to try VS products! Actually I have yet to try alot of products haha.

    It looks like a cute bottle and I really like fruity/sweet scents! My favourite current scent is DNKY Be Delicious.

    I was looking through some U.S websites and Im thinking of using 'Parcel it on' website to direct U.S mail here? Have you used their services before?

  3. That looks really pretty.
    I love berries :)
    Great review x

  4. Yeah, its a pity because I really like the shade on its own but as soon as I apply it on my eyes, it doesn't look as nice :(

    I might give 'Parcel it on' a try. Because I heard its a relatively easy process. Hmm.. I'll let you know anyhow.

    Sweetie, Look at my blog roll.. See how your blog says 'updated a year ago'? It's still bugging me that it doesnt update! haha


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