Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY: Nail Polish Storage Shelf

Fadingdreams300 shows us how to make a DIY nail polish holder from pieces of foam & a glue gun!

How cool is that? Awesomeness!!
I'm not too crafty but that looks really great!
I'm a bit OCD though and don't want my nail polish on display... why?

1) It smells - and it will smell up the room (not THAT much but I'm pretty sensitive so yea...)
2) I have read that in direct sunlight it will decrease the lifespan of the nail polish - not sure about this but not taking the chance haha... don't want to throw away a bottle prematurely!

However, if you don't think what I have mentioned about matters or you think it's not true this is a great idea! :D

How do you store your nail polishes?

Lara xo

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