Thursday, March 10, 2011

China Glaze Midnight Kiss (890) Swatches

The bottle is 14mL

Here it is....

Swatches (2 COATS):

- small shimmers throughout
- have not worn yet! I think it would be perfect on toes & fingernails!
- nice for going out!

Would you wear this shade?

Lara xo


  1. Girl, you must have a huge collection of nail polishes? Similar to my huge collection of blushes! Hehe.

    Yeah, I'll probably do a review on it sometime - I hope it becomes my HG primer. :D

  2. Yeah, I should do a picture of my 'extended' collection of blushes.. LOL.

    At least you are trying to downsize :) So do I, I need to start using my blushes extensively.. haha

  3. I'd love to see ur collection of blushes! :D

    lol yea... 'trying' I think I am doing well! :D heheh... well.. I am telling myself that anyways ;)

  4. Haha.. at least your 'trying'. If you don't feel guilt, then it means you ARE doing well at downsizing your collection :D

  5. Looks a lovely polish, i love the china glaze polishes. Im a new follower x

  6. popblush - thanks truu truuu ^^

    nicoletta - thnx! i am following u too now! :)

  7. hi, i'm a new follower!

    i'll probably skip this shade as i think it'll make me look tan. unless it's for a party or something

  8. cushy - thanks! i followed u back :D Tru... I think its a bit loud for everyday haha I don't often go to parties anyhoo hehhe its bright!! like foil metallic haha

    babyskiffle - thanks!

  9. I know! Its good its not heavy :P hahaha I like all my makeup products lightweight because otherwise my bag gets too heavy hehe

    How's the downsizing of nail varnishes going? I'm bad, I just hauled on some more makeup items.... T_T

    So much for project 10 pan! haha


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