Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Victoria's Secret Berry Kiss Ultra Moisturizing Hand & Body Cream Review

Here is the bottle...

The back says...

- Made in USA
- 200mL

- Yum!
- Smells like berries - sweet, sweet and sweet!
- Smells exactly like the EDT reviewed here!

Is it moisturizing like it claims?
- Urh... well I didn't feel my skin getting dry... so yes!
- The texture is pretty thick since it is a cream and not a lotion so it is more moisturizing then lotions but I don't feel it sufficating my skin.

So... did you like the scent?

Where did you get it from?
Singapore International Airport

How much was it?
About SG$20

Would you repurchase?
Yes! (If I can ever find it again!!!)

Are you a fan of berry scents?

Lara xo


  1. I can really tell that you have a strong love for nail polishes! :P HAHA, it reminds me that I'm in need of more! Especially now that it's not Summer anymore. No more bright shades. :( LOL!

    I hope all has been well. xx

  2. I need to get some nice handcreams.. I neglect my hands :/ I am a total fan of berry scents~ I like pretty much all fruity scents especially citris :D

    I don't mind the YSL lippie scents. I actually like it :)

    I hauled on some of their eyeshadow palettes the other day. Hope they are ok quality hehe

  3. I know, its annoying! When I click on your link it says that your blog doesnt exist. It should be taking me to! Jeez blogspot, update already! LOL.

  4. This sounds gorgeous i have the EDT i got it when holidaying in Vegas its such a gorgeous smell. Ive hardly used it yet as i know i cant get anymore lol xx


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