Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Signs You are Falling In Love (For Guys and Girls)

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Love. What exactly is it? How do we know when we are in love?

I know there are a lot of people who claim to be in love every other day. But is that truly love? Or just simply lust?

According to Wikipedia, love is:

"an emotion of strong affection and personal attachment"

to someone or something (I am assuming).

People can go through life never truly falling in love.
Or they can confuse love for other emotions - like lust. Or simply satisfying an ego, or sexual need.

10 signs you are falling in love...
 (when you are in a relationship/dating/other):

1) You spend a lot of time thinking about him/her. Everyday!

2) When you buy something for yourself you wonder if they would like something too.

3) You NEED to see them almost everyday. You miss them otherwise. And it just feels weird.

4) You put their needs in front of yours. This is a toughie and not everyone pasts this hurdle. Can you be in love and still thinking about yourself first? That is truly debateable. But in my opinion. Yes, you can be in love with them, but you just love yourself more.

5) You cannot imagine life without them.

6) You would do things for them without them asking.

7) You know what their daily /weekly schedule is.

8) You know what they want to do in  life and want to be a part of it.

9) You can see a future with them.

10) You miss them when they are not around. You text them/ call them a lot because they are on your mind continuosly. When you do no hear from them you get anxious and wonder how they are. (This is an extension of number 1!)

How do you know you are falling in love?

Lara xo

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