Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chanel 475 Dragon - Classic Red NOTD

How many coats did I use?
2 coats of colour

Please note...
These swatches/photos are after 3 days of wear!

How is the formula and coverage?
-Can be opaque in 1 coat! Amazing coverage! I did 2 coats out of habit :D
- A bit thick but, better than a 5 coater... lol!
- Brilliant formula
- Relatively fast drying time

How was the wear?
- Chanel formulas tend to last a while on me with relatively less tip wear than other brands :)
- Amazingly I can get 7 days wear out of a mani with Chanel sometimes!
- Usually other brands last me only a few days, so I think it makes the price of Chanel worth it because it stays on so long!! :D

- I change it before 7 days sometimes though because of course there is some tip wear (that is minimal tip wear) - but not many chips though (about 2 or 3?). If it was another brand, there would be heaps of tip wear and so many more chips!

- I am pretty OCD about my nails though, and me having the smae colour on with heaps of tipwear is just something I would not like! But the tip wear after 7 days for Chanel is sometimes still really okay.
- Oh Chanel.... it is LOVE! <3

- LOVE the cute as bottle hahaha ^^

AU$39 a bottle

Like or love?
- I LIKE the colour - but not so sure if I LOVE it (esp. for the price!)!

- It is a classic saturated red
- It leans brown on my skin

Would I repurchase?
In this shade? Probably not, but I am a Chanel nail polish lover so others for sure! :)

What do you think? Would you wear this shade?

Lara xo

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