Monday, November 29, 2010

REVIEW & NOTD: Essie Lilacism (Spring 2010 Collection)

Hi all!
Essie's Lilacism!
A nice pastel kind of purple or lilac.

This was requested by a follower! :)

I used 1 base coat - OPI for natural nails

2 coats of colour - Essie Lilacism

1 top coat - Seche Vite (I think that's how you spell it?)

Sorry about the lighting in the photo - will update later!

- I love to colour! :)
- glossy
- dried reasonably quickly
- no streaky finish

-The consistency of the nail polish leaves a lot to be desired.. too liquidy - & applied thinly, it was still not opaque in 2 coats! So I used 3 coats!
- easily peeled off (but this MAY be because of either the base or top coat... hmmm)
- the applicator was too small IMO

Have you tried any Essie nail polishes before? What did you think?
What are your favourite shades?
Let me know!

- Lara


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