Friday, November 12, 2010

DEBATE: How Long Does Nail Polish Last?

So... the best resource for questions?

Google? I hear you say? YES...
But there's also Yahoo Answers!

So... let's see what they say to the question: How long does nail polish last?

1 yr
8 yrs
until the colour separates

until it goes chunky
until it dries up
2-3 yrs

Funny thing when I Googled? I cam across a website that said 1 MONTH! Can you believe that?
Can anyone use up a whole nail polish in 1 month? Well, unless you paint other people's nails... insane... I was going to get the link then my browser went funny. Lol.

Personally, as I have stated in my last post - I only have two at the moment.
I gave/sold/threw away most of my other polishes because:
1) I couldn't open them - as much as I tried... stuck... dead stuck!
2) They got gloopy & wouldn't apply properly
3) I didn't like the colour on me

And today as I was trying to use the nail art ones... I had 8... they wouldn't dry on my nails.. can someone tell me why?

Yea, so I'm not keeping them now.

In addition to my 2 coloured nail polishes I also have clear ones as well.

I think using your best judgement on nail polishes is the way to go - some brands might last longer than others - i know I had some cheap ones from overseas that dried up within a few months of opening. Whereas ones I bought here, I think a year? They were no more than AU$5 each, which is cheap for Australians! I can't believe USA-ers get them so much cheaper!! LUCKY!!!!

We pay like AU$20.00 for good brands here! HUMPH!! lol.
Essie & OPI fall into this category I believe... correct me if I am wrong anyone?

How many nail polishes do you have?

How long do you keep your nail polishes for?



  1. ONE MONTH ??! Hmm.. seems incorrect and even if it isn't, well .. most people don't throw away their nail polish only after one month ! X-D I've only recently started using nail polish and have around 20 now (all Zoya & OPI because of quality payoff). Apparently you can use a thinner to help the colour stay consistent and for it to last longer. There's one by Sally Hansen. I'll probably use that when I see the colour start to go all funny !

    With the nail art colours, perhaps use one of those liquids to help the nail polish dry faster like Seche Vite or even Zoya has one (part of their 5-step manicure system) ;-)

  2. Hi mookxi!

    Thank you for dropping by! :)

    Yea - I don't think most normal people throw out nail polish in a month! lol!

    20 nail polishes! You're doing well! :)
    Are there any ones you recommend?

    Thank you for your suggestions! :) I didn't think of that! :)
    I've heard good things about Seche Vite! I am very curious now!
    Have you tried it?

    Your blog is cool btw! :D



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