Monday, August 8, 2011

Will be 22 this month!

I have been so so busy with studying!! Uni is a pain but all good... :) Have an assignment due tomorrow that I should be doing ATM!

Anyways, I have a bunch of pics and stuff to upload...

But I need to go on a nail polish buying ban - seriously. I need to.

Totally lemming
Chanel Perodit
Chanel Orange Fizz

& three OPIs from their new Touring America collection... including... MY address is "Hollywood"!!


I need to shop for better clothes - but not going shopping means that I buy nail polish online! -_- because clothes don't always fit - but nail polish is LOVE!

Anyways - I know it will take ages to finish all the nail polish I currently have (even though I have finished nail polish bottles before - love that feeling - it's like I didn't waste my money! :D), so I need to stop spending on nail polish! But THOSE CHANELS!!!! $39AUD.... each.... *le sigh*

22 in a few weeks... will no longer be 21.... but still 21 for now :D

I need get some new clothes lol... I have nothing to wear, seriously.. haha... I wish I was more fashionable... I have hits & misses though... so at least I am getting there :D

Hope everyone is doing well! Need to study... -_-

Lara xo


  1. My wardrobe is lacking attention too~ I need to get some new clothes - hopefully in time for spring~~ xo

  2. Thank you for always commenting on my posts! You are so lovely! I generally reply to you on your blog but just wanted to comment here too and think I should do that from now on hahah and of course look at your awesome blog! ^^


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